Edit toolbar in the contents window

Edit toolbar will appear at the top of the contents window if you choose the tab Edit (default):

Here is the use of individual controls:

  • Pop-up menu button - open pop-up menu otherwise available with right-click over the contents display area
  • View button - display the currently selected contents element in the element window
  • Element align button - align the contents window with the element window for convenient review of elements in the contents window (note that Synchronize button must be down for that purpose)
  • Contents align button - open a second contents window and align both windows for convenient drag-and-drop operations
  • Close level button - collapse the parent of the currently selected element (to easily fold the whole knowledge tree displayed in the contents window)
  • Synchronize button - display elements in the element window upon changing the selection in the contents window
  • Element data synchronize button - display element parameters in the element data window upon changing the selection in the contents window
  • Drag-and-drop combo box - select the mode of drag-and-drop operations in the contents window
  • Hook button - make the currently selected node the hook of the current contents category. This way all newly added elements will be children of the selected node
  • Find button - search for string among currently expanded knowledge tree nodes
  • Remember button - introduce the descendants of the currently selected node into the learning process
  • Forget button - remove the descendants of the currently selected node from the learning process (and put them at the end of the pending queue)
  • Dismiss button - dismiss the descendants of the currently selected node, i.e. make them invisible to the learning process
  • Save button - save expanded knowledge tree nodes to a text file

Professional level

Right click over the contents window opens the contents pop-up menu with advanced operations on the knowledge tree