Element browser is a window with a subset of elements stored in the currently opened collection.

When you open a browser it aligns itself to the left along with the element window on the right. This way you can preview individual elements as the selection in the browser changes (only if synchronization button is down).

A browser window is made of the following components:

  • Caption - name of the browser and the number of elements displayed in the browser
  • Toolbar - buttons providing access to the most often used browser operations
  • Element list - list of elements included in the browser with the following columns:
    • Sel - click on this field to select the current entry (e.g. to include it in a newly generated element subset). The selected entry is marked with the plus sign in the Sel column. Selections are useful in processing elements subsets
    • No - number of the element in the browser
    • Title - title of the element
    • Reps - number of repetitions afforded a given element (since last forgetting)
    • Laps - number of times a given element was forgotten
    • Intrv - current interval of a given element
    • LastRep - the date of the last repetition of a given element
    • NextRep - the date of the next repetition of a given element
    • Ord - ordinal number of a given element (e.g. used in sorting the pending queue)
    • FI - forgetting index assigned to a given element
    • Type - type of a given element: topic or item (see also: Topics vs items)
    • ElNo - physical number of a given element in the collection

Some of browser fields allow of sorting the browser. Click on the field caption to sort the browser. For example, to sort the browser by last repetition date, click LastRep.

Professional level

Right click over the browser area opens the browser pop-up menu with advanced operations on the browser.