Tools toolbar

The Tools toolbar presented in the picture hosts the following controls:

  • Category combo box can be used to select the current knowledge category. This will determine the appearance of newly added elements and the place they will be added to the knowledge tree in the contents window
  • Category registry button can open the category registry, edit categories and choose the default/current category by clicking Accept
  • Tasklist combo box can be used to select the current tasklist. This will determine in which tasklist newly added tasks (e.g. reading list positions) will be included. It will also determine the tasklist opened by default in the tasklist manager when you press F4
  • Tasklist button can open the tasklist registry, edit tasklists and choose the default/current tasklist by clicking Accept
  • Open collection opens a new collection
  • Find elements searches for elements containing a given string
  • Save layout saves the current position of windows for default use
  • Apply default layout restores the default window layout
  • Workload button opens the calendar of repetitions
  • Outstanding button opens a browser with all outstanding elements (i.e. elements scheduled for repetition today)
  • Ancestors window shows a window with the list of ancestors of the currently displayed element. To keep this window on screen, position it conveniently and choose Save layout button described above