Registry toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the registry window provides a quick access to the most often used registry functions.

Here is the use of the individual buttons (compare with the picture above):

  • Menu button - open the registry menu (also available with a right-click over the registry window)
  • List button - list users of the currently selected registry member in the user list box (bottom-right)
  • Goto button - go to the first user of the currently selected registry member
  • View button - display the first user of the currently selected registry member in the element window
  • Find button - find registry members containing a given string in their name. Only the current registry subset is searched. For example, to search for all pictures with the word "virus" in their name, use Search : Images, click Find button, type virus, and press Enter
  • Replace button - replace strings in the current registry subset
  • Superset button - move to the immediate superset of registry members (if any). For example, after searching the registry with Ctrl+S, your results are displayed as a new registry subset. You can move back to the search superset by clicking Superset button or pressing Alt+Left
  • Subset button - move to the next subset (if any). For example, after search a registry with Ctrl+S, your results are displayed as a new registry subset. You can search again to create yet another subset (AND-search). You can move between subset by pressing Alt+Left and Alt+Right
  • Random jump button - select a new random registry member (e.g. for the purpose of a quick registry review)
  • Font button (only in the font registry) - edit the font associated with the currently selected registry member 
  • Path button - display the path to the selected registry object file(s) (e.g. image file). Show the availability of the file in the primary and secondary storage (if these two differ), linked file path (if any), and file sizes
  • Transcription button (only in phonetic transcription registry) - provide a character map for editing phonetic transcription registry
  • Switch button (not in the picture) - switch to the twin registry and select the twin member of the currently selected member (e.g. switch from text registry to translation registry, or switch between the twins of the phonetic transcription registry) 
  • Browse button - put all elements using the currently selected registry subset into an element browser. Note that the button Browse at the bottom of the window puts only the users of the selected member in the browser while the Browse button on the toolbar puts the users of all subset members in the browser
  • Import button - import files directly into the registry
  • Stretch button (only in the image registry) - stretch images to fill out the display panel
  • Export button - export the currently selected member (if available)