The toolbar dock appears at the top of your screen after checking Window : Dock (Ctrl+Alt+F11). You must choose File : Level : Middle or Professional or Warrior for the Window item to be available on the main menu. Uncheck Window : Dock to hide the toolbars window. The main function of this window is docking the most important toolbars in SuperMemo. You may also want to call this window up to get the typical feel of Windows applications in which the main menu and toolbars are located at the top of the screen. The caption of the toolbar dock also helps you quickly glance at which collection is currently in use (e.g. c:\sm2004\systems\all.kno below)

The toolbars that dock on the toolbar window:

  • Actions - toolbar with some other frequently used operations. Component ClipBox on the Actions toolbar is used as the temporary component cache that can be used in copying components). Script stop button disables scripts (e.g. to stop a script than ran into an endless loop or to turn off sounds in a computer without a sound board). Hints checkbox turns on and off the hints displayed by buttons and menu options
  • Time - toolbar with date, time and timer. Caution! You should never manipulate the date in order to control the learning process! Use Tools : Options : Learning : Midnight clock shift if you make repetitions after midnight. Date-picker will not allow of dates predating the first day of the learning process
  • Tools (as in the picture above) - toolbar with speed-buttons that provide one-click access to the most frequently used operations in SuperMemo. This toolbar also hosts combo-boxes that can be used to change the current category (left), and the current tasklist (right). In the picture, the current category is "TO DO", and the current tasklist is "Tasks"
  • Compose - toolbar with buttons that you will need to build your elements by adding components of different type (e.g. text, sound, image, HTML, etc.) and with different properties (e.g. font, color, transparency, sound file, etc.)
  • Format - toolbar with operations that you will need to edit HTML and rich text components (fonts, alignment, bulleting, etc.) as well as some other editing options such as: copy element, paste element, editing and dragging modes, etc.
  • Read - toolbar with options used in incremental reading