Question of the Day

Help : Question of the Day is an equivalent of the "Tip of the Day" in other programs. The main difference is that tips are formulated in question-answer form and can be introduced into the learning process as ordinary SuperMemo items.

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Question of the Day provides the following options:

  • Show Question of the Day on starting SuperMemo - if you tick this checkbox, you will start every session with SuperMemo from Question of the Day. This is recommended both for beginners and for those who are not yet well familiarized with the new capabilities of SuperMemo
  • Next question - show next question
  • Remember - introduce the currently displayed question into the learning process, i.e. memorizing it like any other element in SuperMemo
  • Delete - never show this question again, i.e. delete it from the question set (the name dismiss might be used instead of delete to provide some analogy with Dismiss in SuperMemo; note however, that Dismiss in SuperMemo does not delete dismissed elements)
  • Close - close the Question of the Day dialog

Unlike tips used in other application, questions in Question of the Day are presented to you in logical sequence, i.e. not randomly. As you are able to delete tips or memorize them, this shall never result in boring repetitiveness

Professional level

You can find the text of all tips in the file <supermemo folder>/bin/tips.txt