ABC of SuperMemo

SuperMemo will help you learn faster! It is enough you spend now 3 minutes reading this page to be able to begin learning!

For a good start, you only need to learn two things:

  1. Add new - add new learning material to SuperMemo (keyboard: Alt+A)
  2. Learn - review the material that you want to remember (keyboard: Ctrl+L)

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You can now start learning with SuperMemo. Initially you may doubt the power of SuperMemo. Trust it for a week or two and you will begin to understand it better. Add at least 50-100 questions-answer pairs related to your job, your life, or your interests. See how SuperMemo schedules the material for review.   

Summary: The ABC of SuperMemo:

Important reading

  • Beginner's FAQ - questions most often asked by SuperMemo beginners
  • Backup copy - to make sure you never lose your learning investment, you must learn how to back up your learning material!
  • Step by Step: User's Guide - this one month course of SuperMemo will help you learn the most important skills of an advanced SuperMemo user in a sequence that will maximize progressive increase in your productivity
  • Starting your first SuperMemo collection - ABC of SuperMemo by
  • Introduction to SuperMemo 2002 - ABC of SuperMemo written by two Irish teenagers
  • SuperMemo Decalog - SuperMemo beginners tend to make the same mistakes. This text will help you avoid the mistakes and enjoy efficient learning
  • 20 rules of formulating knowledge the way you put your questions and answers together may determine the degree of your success
  • Incremental reading - adding questions and answers is the "old way" in SuperMemo. The new way is "incremental reading". Incremental reading is slightly more complex and requires more experience. However, it is by far the best way to learn new material imported from the Internet