Browser toolbar

Browser toolbar appears at the top of the browser window:

browser.jpg (85611 bytes)

Here is the use of individual buttons:

  • Pop-up menu button - open the browser pop-up menu otherwise available with a right-click over the display area
  • Process browser button - open a menu with operations on browser elements (see: Process browser)

  • Element align button - align the browser window with the element window for convenient review of elements in the browser (note that Synchronize button must be down for displaying elements in the element window as the selection changes in the browser)
  • Random jump button - jump to a randomly picked element among all elements in the browser
  • Topics button - open a new browser with all topics included in the present browser
  • Postpone button - postpone all outstanding repetitions of material included in the browser 
  • Search button - search for texts in the title column starting with the currently selected element
  • Synchronize button - display elements in the element window upon changing the selection in the browser window (when this button is up, no change occurs in the element window as the selection changes)
  • View button - display the currently selected element in the element window
  • Home button - jump to the first element in the browser
  • End button - jump to the last element in the browser