Ordering SuperMemo 8

Order instructions

To order our speed-learning software SuperMemo 8 for Windows do the following:

  1. Go to SuperMemo Store at Yahoo
  2. Place a secure electronic order (follow instructions on the screen)

You will receive an immediate confirmation of your order via e-mail. The order will be process within one business day and you will receive all instructions via e-mail


If you are concerned about the security of on-line trading you can choose one of the following:

  1. Read about security of transactions at Yahoo Store (hosting SuperMemo Store)
  2. Use another form of order: phone, fax, mail, bank transfer, check, postal order, etc.


You will receive:

  • SuperMemo 8.4 for Windows
  • the newest update to SuperMemo 8.4 help file
  • ABC of SuperMemo 8 (short course on SuperMemo delivered by SuperMemo itself),
  • supporting files (graphic import, SuperMemo 7 import, etc.)

Important notes:

Localized versions:

  • Users in Czech and Slovak Republic should download from www.supermemo.cz
  • Users in Poland should download from www.supermemo.pl
  • Users in Spain should download from www.megamega.net
  • Users in Norway should download from www.memorizing.com