Download SuperMemo 8.4

To get a copy of SuperMemo 8.4 do as follows:

  1. Download SM8ZIP.EXE
  2. Run SM8ZIP.EXE to expand all files
  3. Run SM8.EXE in the directory SM8 created by SM8ZIP.EXE
  4. Use F1 to get help or write to SuperMemoMail
  5. Spread the program freely among your colleagues and fellow students

Please note that SuperMemo 8 is not free. The fully working copy will expire after a period of use. However, once you register it (instructions in the program), you will receive a password via e-mail and be able to continue your work without interruption

Alternatively, you can order and download now from SuperMemo Store and receive all instructions via e-mail

Users in Poland should download from
Users in Czech and Slovak Republic should download from
Users in the Netherlands should download from
Users in Spain should download from

Learning material for SuperMemo 8 is available from:

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