Extremes Deutsch 2 Mittelstufe

Extremes Deutsch 2


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Autor: PolEng sp. z o.o: Christiane Sanders, Aleksandra Zbaraszewska, Marek Antonik
Kursart Kostenpflichtig
Anzahl der Seiten 7277
Sprache der Anweisungen Deutsch
Kategorie Deutsch

The online “Extremes Deutsch: Mittelstufe” course provides you with a perfect opportunity to actively learn 7,200 German words and expressions on the intermediate level. This range of vocabulary is necessary to communicate with ease in all everyday situations during a trip abroad, for example when you go on a scholarship, business trip or holidays.

Your learning will be supported by SuperMemo, the most effective repetition algorithm worldwide,, also known as the intelligent spaced repetition system. SuperMemo guarantees that you will successfully learn all the words and expressions from the course if you surrender to regular revisions scheduled by the algorithm. The method  is based on the scientific research into the long-term memory and builds an individual learning plan for you upon the analysis of your learning goals and abilities.

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