Deutsch Unregelmäßige Verben


Unregelmäßige Verben

Kategorie Deutsch
Sprache der Anweisungen Deutsch
Anzahl der Seiten 500
Herausgegeben von SuperMemo World
Autor Elżbieta Rudomina
Kursart Kostenlos

Deutsch. Unregelmäßige Verbenen is a course in German irregular verbs that serves as excellent help for learners of German at all levels of language competence, from beginners to the most proficient users.

The course contains about 400 German irregular verbs divided into several groups starting with the most popular ones and going up to the most advanced and unusual. In the first part of the course, each exercise is a simple question-and-answer task where you need to come up with the given verb’s Präteritum and Perfekt forms. The second part of the course provides you with additional set of multiple choice and gap-filling exercises for more practice of the verb forms in sentences that give them more context.

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