Extremes Deutsch: Fußball Fußball

Extremes Deutsch: Fußball


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Deutsch: Fußball is a course in German words and expressions related to football. Are you a football fan? Would you like to watch matches with German commentary and understand the language used by the speakers? Are you eager to have a chat with football fans from other countries, share your opinions on recent matches and your passion for the sport? If so, this is a course tailored for your needs.

The course contains 300 German words and expressions related to football, divided into 17 thematic categories. Each exercise is a simple question-and-answer task where you need to come up with a German word or expression that fits the definition. In the answer mode, you will be provided with a sample sentence that shows how to use a given phrase in context.

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In your first encounter with each exercise, you may not know the correct answer; it is only natural, especially if you are a beginner learner. Familiarize yourself with the answer defined in the course; listen to the recording. When you come across the exercise again during repetitions, you will see that the new words and expressions will sound familiar and you will be more and more at ease with your German vocabulary.

All the recordings in the course have been made by German native speakers.

This course is part of the extensive SuperMemo Extremes Deutsch series aimed at the effective learning of vocabulary and grammar.