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Hello! Italiano

Publikováno SuperMemo World
Autor: Natalia Wajda
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Jazyk příkazů angličtina, polština, němčina, španělština, ruština, francouzština, čínština, portugalština, čeština, italština
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Learning Italian from scratch has been your dream for a long time, but you don’t know how to start? Discover Hello! Italiano – our Italian course for beginners, a perfect introduction to learning the language of the country of pizza and pasta. Around just ten minutes a day is enough to master more than 500 basic Italian phrases in less than 2 months!

The SuperMemo method, used by hundreds of thousands of people, optimizes the learning process and will help you achieve your ambition in the shortest possible time. Our original algorithm, which has been valued around the world for over 30 years, will ensure that you do not forget the new words and expressions that you absorb.

Hello! Italiano is largely based around specially prepared images. During the course, you will complete various exercises, thanks to which you will learn the basic Italian phrases necessary during contact with Italians. The pictures are suggestive enough to make learning possible even without the translation of the material into your native language. The Italian language course for beginners includes 70 communication situations that will be useful for holiday trips and much more.

All of the basic phrases in Italian come with original recordings made by Italian native speakers, thanks to which you will hear the correct pronunciations. You will also have the opportunity to practice them yourself with the course’s speech recognition function. By learning using the senses of sight and sound you build more lasting associations, which facilitates the memorizing of new material. From the very beginning, you will be thinking and speaking in Italian!

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