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Learn basic Dutch phrases quickly and remember them once and for all! Hello! Nederlands is a course of Dutch for beginners. By learning every day, you can master more than 500 basic Dutch phrases in less than 2 months! And what’s most important about the world-renowned SuperMemo method is you will remember the material forever and can forget about the necessity of planning your learning!

Our Dutch for beginners course, Hello! Nederlands, is based on images prepared especially for educational purposes. Every day you will complete dozens of short exercises, thanks to which you will learn basic Dutch phrases useful on trips to the Netherlands. The photos ensure that you will learn in an enjoyable way and you will not need to translate the words and phrases into your own language. In the course you will find 51 of the most important communication situations, a knowledge of which is necessary during contacts with the Dutch.

The basic Dutch course also includes recordings of Dutch native speakers, which are invaluable in developing natural pronunciation. Thanks to the in-built speech recognition function you will also have the opportunity to practice it yourself. A learning process based on the senses of sight and hearing is much more effective because it stimulates your imagination, which facilitates memorizing – and thanks to this method you will speak and think in Dutch from the very beginning.

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Hello! Nederlands will help you if you find yourself in situations like:

  • Unit 1: arriving at airports and checking in for flights, understanding in-flight announcements, ordering on-board snacks, having conversations with co-passengers, dealing with lost luggage.
  • Unit 2: going from the airport to your hotel, travelling on public transport, booking rooms in hotels, eating in a restaurant.
  • Unit 3: enjoying leisure activities, going out with friends, visiting a museum, going on a bicycle trip, having a picnic.
  • Unit 4: dealing with health problems and medicines, paying fines, refuelling and repairing your car, being the victim of thefts.
  • Unit 5: packing for an excursion, going sunbathing, going diving, going on a trip with a travel agency.

With this course you will master the basic Dutch phrases in the following subject areas:

  • everyday objects
  • food and drinks
  • nationalities
  • professions
  • family
  • places of interest
  • means of transport
  • toiletries
  • numbers
  • colours
  • hotel rooms
  • physical activity
  • days of the week
  • parts of the body
  • illness and well-being
  • personal characteristics
  • weather conditions.
Basic Dutch phrases once and for allMaster Dutch language basicsLearn a new language with Dutch for beginnersTraining in basic Dutch phrases
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