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Learn the basics of Spanish for good and remember them forever! Hello! Español is the perfect way to learn Spanish from scratch. This Spanish course for beginners will help you to learn more than 500 of the most useful Spanish phrases in less than 2 months by studying every day for just a few minutes.

The SuperMemo method, used by hundreds of thousands of people, will create for you the most optimal schedule of learning and repetitions, and will be the guardian of the effectiveness of your studies.

Working with Hello! Español revolves around completing exercises related to specially prepared pictures. The material will allow you to master the basic phrases in Spanish, necessary for holiday trips and much more besides. The course covers 51 of the most important situations which will be useful in everyday communication in Spanish.

All of the basic phrases in Spanish are enriched with recordings of Spanish speakers, which helps you to work on the right pronunciation and accent. You can also practice these yourself with the speech recognition function. Learning through sight and hearing makes it unnecessary to translate the newly-acquired phrases into your mother tongue. Additionally, this stimulates your imagination and builds more lasting associations, so that you can remember the basics of Spanish without any problems. As a result of this, from the very beginning you will be speaking and thinking in Spanish!

The Hello! Español course is a newer version of our OK! Español course, enriched with translations, speech recognition and many new photos.

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On completion of Hello! Español, you will be able to cope with the following situations:

  • Unit 1: checking in for a flight, understanding boarding announcements, buying snacks during the flight, having conversations with fellow passengers, getting back your lost luggage.
  • Unit 2: getting access to your accommodation, getting around by taxi and bus, reserving accommodation, ordering a meal in a restaurant.
  • Unit 3: talking about passions and ways of spending free time, going on trips with friends, visiting exhibitions, going cycling, having picnics.
  • Unit 4: dealing with health problems, paying unexpected fines, running out of fuel, fixing car problems, reporting thefts.
  • Unit 5: preparing for trips, going sunbathing, going diving, making excursions.

The course contains basic phrases in Spanish related to:

  • beverages and food
  • hotel rooms
  • origins and countries
  • places
  • numbers
  • colours
  • common objects
  • parts of the body
  • health and diseases
  • work and occupations
  • family members
  • sport and exercise
  • vehicles
  • toiletries
  • days of the week
  • people’s appearances
  • weather.
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