How I got a job at #1 software company User of SuperMemo
Feb 4, 2000
The text below has been received at SuperMemo World in response to our survey upon publishing SuperMemo is Useless. The text has been published with the permission of the author on conditions of anonymity

Dear SuperMemo,

I'm on day 656 as a SuperMemo user!

Thanks for soliciting my opinions on the interesting article SuperMemo is Useless. I find this type of article motivational for keeping on with my methods.

Here is my story for you to consider on how I've made use of SuperMemo. Maybe my experience will be helpful for someone who is considering the large investment of time that using SuperMemo does require. My history:

I applied for a programmer's position (temporary agency) and was hired. I still had little practical experience but continued to use SuperMemo. For example, I selected 2- or 3- key points per page of the book Bug Proofing Visual Basic by Rod Stephens. The cover flap says You'll get the kind of advice and information that usually only comes from years and years of hard-won experience! This knowledge was extremely valuable to be able to recall when needed. (This is the best application of SuperMemo I've found yet--I'll have to find more books like this!) I found that I could be successful at this job, even with the "short-cuts" I took. I continued to add to my knowledge-base from books, magazines, and the Internet.

-- What else can I say? I attribute much of my success to SuperMemo. The amount charged for the program is laughable given the benefit's I've gained. It's lucky for me that you don't charge a percentage of my pay increases!

Piotr, keep up the good work!

Sincerely, A Satisfied SuperMemo Customer