Questions about SuperMemo for Windows CE beta-testing program

Important! We have closed new beta-tester admissions on August 1, 1999
For questions about using SuperMemo CE see: SuperMemo CE Development FAQ

You can join the beta-testing program now
We are interested in all hardware platforms
Beta-testing will begin in March
SuperMemo CE is not a port of the Windows version
We provide support only in English (and in our native Polish)
You are welcome whatever your knowledge of SuperMemo

(Yusuf Samrod, South Africa, Dec 28, 1998)
What conditions do I have to meet to become a beta-tester of SuperMemo for Windows CE?
As we do not yet have many beta-testers for Windows CE platform, we are glad to admit anyone who is interested in trying SuperMemo on this platform

(Ward van Wanrooij, the Netherlands, Dec 29, 1998)
I currently have
12mb Velo-1 with CE 2.0. Can I become a beta-tester? (other platforms you asked about: HP 320LX, Phillips Velo 500 HPC)
Yes. We are interested in all hardware platforms for Windows CE 2.0

(Mike Richey, USA, Dec 28, 1998)
Do you still need new beta-testers? I use a HP 320LX palmtop with CE 2.0
Yes. The beta-testing program will only begin in March. As we did not expect many users with Windows CE, we announced the program one month in advance to invite more beta-testers

(Chris Valk, USA, Dec 28, 1998)
I am a network consultant. I have a Velo500. I do not know SuperMemo. Can your software be useful for my clients?
SuperMemo is a program for everyone who needs to constantly remember some facts or figures. Windows CE version is supposed to provide everyone with "perfect memory" at the cost of limited repetitions/rehearsals that can be done while on a train, in a restaurant, while waiting in line or in other circumstances when you can pick your palmtop and spend 1-3 minutes on refreshing your memory. We hope that this form of learning will makes handheld SuperMemo very popular

(Ing. M.Jackova, Slovak Republic, Dec 23, 1998)
I am registered with your Czech distributor. Do I have to be registered in your database to take part in beta-testing?
No. We are equally happy to welcome an experienced user of SuperMemo as well as a complete novice with his mind unprejudiced with earlier versions

(Greg C, Dec 28, 1998)
Is SuperMemo CE a port of your Windows version?
No. SuperMemo for Windows CE is supposed to be a program for everyone with no steep learning curve. It will be equivalent to SuperMemo 98/99 Beginner Level:

WinCE.gif (6633 bytes)

(Klaus Schmidt, Germany, Dec 23, 1998)
Gibt es eine deutsche Seite? Ich habe die Version 7 for Windows