SuperMemo Troubleshooter

Problems with using SuperMemo 16 for Windows

Choose the class of problems:

  1. Problem with installing SuperMemo
  2. I do not even know where to start
  3. Where are all those advanced options?
  4. How can I learn it all step-by-step?
  5. How to install help on my hard disk?
  6. I need a description of a button or a menu item
  7. Problems with learning
  8. Problems with the layout of windows
  9. Problems with editing the learning material and changing how it looks
  10. Problems with text
  11. Problems with editing the knowledge tree in Contents
  12. Problems with files or backups
  13. Problems with terminology
  14. Problems with bugs or errors
  15. What is incremental reading?
  16. What is incremental learning?
  17. What are categories?
  18. What are templates?
  19. What is the forgetting index?
  20. Other

If you cannot find a solution to your problem in SuperMemo Troubleshooter:

  1. write to support
  2. specify the question you could not answer
  3. specify the page at which you got stuck

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