Localization table


Translating the interface of SuperMemo

With Tools : Options : Language : Localization table, you can quickly translate the entire interface of SuperMemo to your native language (only at the beginner and basic levels).

The whole translation can be done in 5 minutes, as the entire interface of basic SuperMemo consists of only 50 strings!

This is the procedure:

  1. Choose Tools : Options : Language
  2. Click the field Localization language (or press Alt+I)
  3. Type the name of your language (e.g. Spanish)
  4. Choose Localization table
  5. In the column Translation, type in the translation of texts displayed in the column Original
  6. If necessary, select a localization font by clicking the font button in the left-bottom corner of the localization table
  7. Choose OK and your translation will appear in the interface of the program

The translation file is a text file. It is kept at <SuperMemo folder>\translat\<language>.tra