Devoted users of SuperMemo

We apologize that this page had to be discontinued. Due to spam harvesters, "devoted users" would be bombarded with spam rather than genuine inquires. For this reasons, all e-mail addresses had to be removed. Please join independent SuperMemo Community to get in touch with users of SuperMemo.

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  • Edward Jacek Gorzelanczyk, MD, PhD - respected neuroscientist, coauthor of a number of publications with Dr Wozniak in the field of memory and cognition, author of books for students of medicine and biology (books accompanied by SuperMemo databases), contributor to the SuperMemo method, 12-year-long experience in using SuperMemo, 9-year-long experience in teaching with the use of SuperMemo, owner of a publishing house MedSystem
  • Bodek Kowalewski, MSc - one of the first registered users of SuperMemo, author of databases for learning languages (frequently scoring high in the Annual Database Competition), dedicated user and fan of SuperMemo, hard working beta-tester of Easy English
  • Andrzej Lapa - winner of Database Competition 1994, author of various SuperMemo collections for learning medicine and Japanese, student of medicine, and a devoted user of SuperMemo for many years
  • Michal Hejwosz - spiritual father of SuperMemo Library. Keen user of Advanced English (13,000 items memorized in the first three months of learning!). Determined to challenge ... the Guiness Record on the greatest vocabulary in English
  • Piotr Maksimczyk - host of SuperMemo Library, meticulous webmaster, programmer, user of SuperMemo, enthusiast of tasklists, author of learning material for SuperMemo (in Polish and English)
  • Bruno Vernier, BSc in Math - Canadian educator looking for potential contributors to a non-commercial project of developing SuperMemo for Linux. His vision: to promote free computer-based education; freely sharing between learners and teachers; free from proprietary and financial barriers to the free flow of education, and creative educational ideas
  • Adam Sikorski, MSc - father of SuperMemo 1.0 for MacIntosh
  • Janusz Murakowski, MSc - one of the contributors to the SuperMemo method, graduated from a doctoral program in physics at the University of Delaware, currently professor at the same university
  • Krzysztof Kowalczyk, MSc - excellent beta-tester, initiator of the idea of Multiplatform SuperMemo in Java, graduated from the French Graduate School of Telecommunications Engineering (ENST de Bretagne, Cesson-Sevigne Cedex, France), currently employed at Microsoft, USA
  • Pawel Wimmer, MSc - respected computer journalist best know for his philosophizing articles for PC Kurier and Enter, animal lover and Esperantist, remarkably merited for the cause of SuperMemo by his series of in-depth essays on SuperMemo, user of SuperMemo as of version 2.0!
  • Marek J Minakowski, PhD in philosophy - Jagiellonian University, Krakow, author of the winning database in 1995 Database Competition: Greek. Holder of the Best Achievement with SuperMemo record: 25,000 items in Advanced English memorized in four months (1994), 33,000 items memorized (Spring 2000), currently an editor of business section of Polish mega-portal 
  • Mariusz Zmuda - senior student of law at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, addicted to SuperMemo, over 20,000 items memorized (Fall 2000), SuperMemo beta-tester, co-author (with Magdalena Kowalik) of the soon-to-be published History collection (in Polish). Selected hobbies: learning with SuperMemo, reading articles related to SuperMemo, stock exchange, psychology, sociopsychology, economics, music, reading, Internet, and exchanging e-mails with broadminded people
  • Magdalena Kowalik - student of law hoping to become an advocate fighting for human rights. Addicted to SuperMemo (20,000 items in Advanced English, Fall 2000). Recently fascinated with incremental reading. Her principles: keep smiling and think about others! Goal in life: contribute to building a better world. Currently contemplating her Master's Thesis in reference to women in politics. Co-author (with Mariusz Zmuda) of the soon-to-be published History collection (in Polish)
  • Robert Dr?- student of marketing at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), prolific bug-finder and critic of SuperMemo. Author of selected databases used by students at SGH. Enthusiast of incremental reading
  • Michal Bobrowski - SuperMemo Don Quixote from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), the coordinator of "SuperMemo at Warsaw School of Economics Project". Addicted to SuperMemo. Loves traveling. Loves trying extreme sports (this year: winter canoeing)

If you have interesting experience with SuperMemo that you would like to share with other users or if you would like to spread the news about your own SuperMemo databases, send an e-mail to SuperMemo World. If justified, your e-mail address and some of your data will be placed on this page