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New article by Dr. Piotr Wozniak: The true history of spaced repetition

Focus on fast learning and self-improvement

This website contains information about fast learning, memory, self-improvement, time-management, and more. The site was built around a new learning technology developed in Poland in the years 1982-2000 and commercially known as SuperMemo

SuperMemo: a speed-learning technology

SuperMemo is available as software for Windows, Pocket PC, Palm Pilot, on-line, etc. It increases the speed of learning, and ensures a high level of knowledge retention. The most important things to know:

We believe that SuperMemo can change your life (esp. if you are a person with strong self-improvement inclinations). Please read Six steps to excellent memory to find out why

If you would like to order SuperMemo, you can go to SuperMemo Store. Our company adheres to strict privacy rules and you do not have to worry that after placing an order your name will crop up on third party mailing lists. We use a secure server hosted by reputable Yahoo! Stores

If you would like to read some press articles about SuperMemo, this is what we recommend to begin with:

  1. Forget about forgetting explains SuperMemo in terms of psychophysiology, evolution and discusses its scientific validity
  2. Scientific conquest of forgetful memory  shortly describes the origins of SuperMemo (as viewed from the 1992 perspective)

Learning material

Once you become a regular user of SuperMemo, you may want to know that we have created SuperMemo Library -- the largest collection of learning material for SuperMemo on the web

User support

Our company treats user support very seriously! See how to contact us. You can also review our numerous FAQs
Once you begin learning with SuperMemo, we will assist you with articles that provide an in-depth discussion of various aspects of learning with SuperMemo. For example:

  1. 10 rules of effective learning with SuperMemo
  2. 20 rules of formulating knowledge for SuperMemo
  3. Devouring knowledge with SuperMemo 2000

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