Awards granted to SuperMemo

Updated: Dec 2001

New article by Dr. Piotr Wozniak: The true history of spaced repetition

Product of the Year 1997,
PC Kurier
, Poland, 1997

Nominated to
Product of the Decade
PC Kurier
, Poland, 1999

Real Mobility Award from Mobility 
for SuperMemo for Windows CE
Czech Republic, January 2000

Readers Choice 1994
PC World Komputer 1994, Poland

Readers Choice 1995
PC World Komputer
1995, Poland

Gold medal at Infosystem 1994
Poznañ, Poland

First Degree Award at Softarg 1992
Katowice, Poland

Finalist of Software for Europe,
CeBit 1992
, Hanover, Germany

Best Product  
Cena/Vykon, 1994, Czech Republic

Best Language Product for Children
for Deutsch Kompakt SuperMemo CD-ROM
Komputer Swiat, July 2000, Poland

Hot Download Pick for SuperMemo CE 2.0 
by Pocket PC Magazine, Feb 2001, USA

Five cows for SuperMemo for Windows CE 
from, May 2000


Educational Hot Site from visitors of Starting Point

Educational Hot Site for SuperMemo Web Site 
from Starting Point, February 1997

Other awards:

  • Special Award of Polish Computer Science Society, Softarg 1992, Katowice, Poland
  • Distinguished in Product of the Year Competition, PC Kurier, 1992, Poland
  • Best Software for Commodore Amiga, Amiga Magazine, September 1993, Poland
  • Distinguished at Softarg 1993, Katowice, Poland
  • Distinguished in Product of the Year Competition, PC Kurier, 1993, Poland
  • Product of the Year 1993, Amiga Magazine, Poland
  • Special award of the Fair President, Softarg 1994, Katowice, Poland
  • Award for Outstanding Record of Achievement, INFO.BAT, 1994, Poland
  • Distinguished at Softarg 1996, Katowice, Poland

Other rewarding facts:

  • SuperMemo was the first Polish software ever reviewed in Byte International, December 1993
  • SuperMemo was the first Polish software ever reviewed in Chip, Germany, February 1995
  • SuperMemo was the first Polish software ever advertised in Byte, 1993
  • SuperMemo was the first Polish Windows software released on CD-ROM, 1994
  • SuperMemo World was the first Polish company to display its products at Comdex, Las Vegas, 1995
  • SuperMemo World was the most frequent Polish exhibitor at CeBIT, Hanover, Germany (five consecutive appearances 1992-1996)
  • Cross Country received Enter Recommendation in a test of nine software products for learning English, Enter Vol.1, p.36, January 1997
  • SuperMemo World was the first company in Eastern Europe to open an on-line shop at Yahoo Stores in July 1998 and reached Top Service customer ratings by May 2000 
  • SuperMemo 98 is featured among case studies of most successful Delphi applications at Inprise Corporation website (the only application from Poland honored this way (by 1998)
  • Tax Advisor's Tests CD-ROM with SuperMemo 8 is officially used for training at Arthur Andersen, 1998
  • Nominated as Product of the Year 1998 by Chip Magazine, Poland
  • 1,000,000 CD-ROMs with SuperMemo released by the company's eighth anniversary (July 5, 1999)
  • SuperMemo 7 for Windows topped best downloads at Language Learning Software at Software Blast! in just five months in 1999 (ahead of Babylon Translator and AceReader). It also climbed to the 27-th position among overall downloads
  • Mentioned in SuperMemo in New York Times (New York Times, October 3, 1999, Business section, page 4, Abby Ellin: Can 'Neurobics' Do for the Brain What Aerobics Do for Lungs?)
  • SuperMemo for Palm Pilot was a featured product at and and reached top 10 monthly downloads within 24 hours since the release (March 2000)
  • Polish Orthography SuperMemo CD-ROM was listed among recommended educational tools by the Polish Ministry of Education

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