SuperMemo 9 (SuperMemo 98 and SuperMemo 99)

SuperMemo 9 is the continuation of SuperMemo 8 on the 32-bit platform. It is the first SuperMemo that has entered the era of e-commerce and reached the most remote corners of the globe. It greatly extends the functionality of SuperMemo 8 and adds lots of speed as well as stability. It is also the highest ranked SuperMemo in terms of user satisfaction in the entire history of SuperMemo software (by 2000).

Work over SuperMemo 9 started in Fall 1997. The program was extensively rewritten in Delphi 3.0 and later recompiled with Delphi 4.0 (SuperMemo 98 freeware was later recompiled in Delphi 6.0). SuperMemo 99 witnessed the expansion of the customer base to the magic barrier of one million.

The two steps in the development of SuperMemo 9:

In March 2005, SuperMemo 98 was released as freeware. You can download SuperMemo 98 freeware from here!