Principles of effectively using SuperMemo

SuperMemo is based on the SuperMemo method that computes optimum inter-repetition intervals in the process of learning. You can use SuperMemo to navigate in hyperspace of the knowledge system and look up the most relevant topics of interest; however, the greatest advantage of SuperMemo over other hypermedia products is its ability to make you remember with little effort.

To make the best use of SuperMemo in learning, select button Learn at the bottom of the element window (the window which displays topics and items). Learn will guide you through a series of repetitions that will make sure that you spend minimum time to retain once learned material in your memory.

You must not forget, however, that the mere use of SuperMemo is not a formula for success. The mere personality of the student is likely to render the SuperMemo method applied in SuperMemo unusable in a substantial proportion of potential users. The main problem, as in many other human activities, is the perseverance. Only strongly motivated individuals are able to persist in repetitions, which, if not reasonably managed, may become unbearably monotonous. For others, the mental burden and short-term time expenditure seem to overshadow long-term benefits. However, there are yet more snags awaiting an unprepared student. The most important ones are discussed in the following sections:

Selection of material






Awareness of the mental stages passed by a typical student



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