SuperMemo method in SuperMemo 8

All elements that enter the learning process in SuperMemo are henceforth presented to the user in strictly determined intervals of time upon choosing the option Learn : All (Ctrl+L). Those intervals are determined by the SuperMemo method.

Repetition spacing (i.e. computing optimum inter-repetition intervals) has been and continues to be the mainstay of popularity of SuperMemo software due to its ability to eliminate the problem of forgetting in learning. If you continue working with SuperMemo regularly, you are guaranteed to achieve a desired level of knowledge retention that is determined by the parameter Options : Learning : Forgetting index (forgetting index is the default requested percentage proportion of knowledge elements that can be forgotten at the moment of repetition).

Important! Only one user can learn with a given knowledge system. For example, if two persons are to use Advanced English, Cross Country or Video English on one computer, each of them should have a separate copy of the system.

New algorithms applied in SuperMemo are theoretically far more sound than the algorithms used in the latest releases of SuperMemo, and have been based on a large body of data collected while working with SuperMemo 6 and SuperMemo 7. The major improvements over SuperMemo are:

* mechanisms for faster determination of element difficulty

* establishing the concept of absolute item difficulty (in contrast to relative difficulty expressed by SuperMemo E-Factors)

* mechanisms for on-line determination of the optimum shape of the OF matrix optimum intervals used in repetition spacing

See also: New SuperMemo algorithm