Minimum requirements

The minimum hardware and software requirements for SuperMemo are: 486DX processor, 8MB RAM, SVGA (at least 800x600 with 256 colors), CD-ROM drive 2x (for multimedia knowledge systems), sound board (for multimedia knowledge systems) and Windows 3.11 or later. Additionally, you will need about 5MB of hard disk space to proceed with installation of knowledge systems such as Cross Country or Video English; however, you will need much more in case you want to create your own hypermedia knowledge systems.

Although the set of minimum requirements may seem daunting, you may try using SuperMemo on less powerful computers. Depending on the degree of compromise, you may wish to choose only a subset of SuperMemo functionality that is less hardware demanding. In particular, you would want to limit number of components placed in each knowledge element and reduce the use of large multimedia objects.

If you would like to test SuperMemo before buying it, you can download a trial version from the SuperMemo Website: