Changing the existing knowledge systems

Apart from creating new knowledge systems, you may opt for reediting existing ones. For example, you can modify Advanced English, Cross Country, Video English, or Deine Chancen released with SuperMemo. Before you begin editing, do the following:

* turn on the full access mode (Ctrl+P for Tools : Options, choose Data access tab and click Full Access radio button)

* show SuperMemo (also Data access tab, Hide SuperMemo check box). You can use Ctrl+Alt+F12 to quickly turn SuperMemo on and off.

Now you can see SuperMemo and the knowledge system is in full access editing mode.

The fastest way to modifying an element is to click the editing mode button on the Edit tab toolbar or choose Editing mode from the element pop-up menu (to open the pop-up menu, right-click the element’s empty area; i.e. not over any component). In your modified course you can, for instance, do the following:

* create your own exercise items for topics that are particularly difficult. You can duplicate an existing exercise by (1) adding a new element in the hierarchy and dragging a template item via Element ClipBox (2) using Save As Template and Load Template, or (3) choosing Duplicate on the element pop-up menu

* change the parameters of components on the duplicated page to suit your needs

* change the texts and add your own comments (e.g. in your native language)

* translate the entire course to your native language (if the translation is not yet available from SuperMemo World). Use Shift-Click to display the translation window and modify the translation text.
In case you translate one of commercial knowledge systems (e.g. Advanced English), contact SuperMemo World to discuss the possibility of including your translation in commercial upgrades offered to users of the system (the e-mail is: SuperMemoMail)

* change the location and sizes of particular components in the course (e.g. to adapt it to your lower resolution display), etc.