How do you learn with SuperMemo

You can choose two modes of learning:

1. linear mode, in which you choose to learn elements as they are stored in the knowledge system by pressing button Learn at the bottom of the element window

2. selective mode, in which (1) you navigate to the of interest and (2) choose either button Commit that will enter the displayed element into the learning process or button Review that will enter the displayed element with all its descendants into the learning process. Both buttons: Commit and Review, you will find at the bottom of the element window

In both selective and linear modes, the repetition proceeds along the following cycle:

1. displaying question components of the elements

2. upon choosing Show Answer, displaying answer components of the element

3. displaying the grade panel (note that grade names are customizable with Tools : Options : Language : Localization table)

4. choosing the grade (the student has to grade himself or herself!)

5. moving to the next element in the repetition cycle (with Next repetitions) or returning to the navigating mode (if there are no more items to learn or review)

During repetitions in linear learning mode you can make a frequent use of the following commands:

Reset - reset the currently displayed item, i.e. remove it from the learning process and put it at the end of the pending queue to learn it again later. You should reset all items that are either difficult or less important. Reset will postpone the learning of the item until after you learn the rest of the material included in the knowledge system. Use Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut to reset items in the middle of the repetition cycle. If item is completely unimportant you should use Dismiss or even Delete.

Dismiss - dismiss the currently displayed item, i.e. remove it from the learning process for good. You should dismiss all items that you will never want to learn again. If the item is not worth future reference, you can Delete it instead. Use Ctrl+I to dismiss (ignore) items in the middle of the repetition cycle.

Commit - reset the currently displayed item (like with Reset) and commit it again to the learning process. Use Commit to recommit items that have been reedited or gained new significance and you want to make sure you do not forget them before the lapse of the interval determined by the SuperMemo method. Use Ctrl+M to recommit (memorize) items in the middle of the repetition cycle. Note that unlike the button Commit, the command Commit on element pop-up menu makes it possible to determine the interval after which the first repetition will take place. Press Enter to schedule the item after the default interval proposed by the SuperMemo method.

During repetitions you may wish to change the wording of some items. You can do it in one of the following ways:

* press Q to start editing the first question component

* press A to start editing the first answer component

* click the selected component to start editing it (this will only be possible if you set Options : Mouse : Edit texts : On click to true). Use Esc to complete editing

* press E to enter editing mode in all text components. Introduce the changes and use PgUp, PgDn, or Tab to move between components. Use Esc to go back to presentation mode

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