Safety of knowledge systems developed with SuperMemo

To ensure the safety of knowledge systems developed with SuperMemo, stick to the following rules:

1. never modify nor move the knowledge system files by means of tools other than SuperMemo.

2. regularly back-up the learning process with File : Export : Learning process (every day is not too frequent).

3. keep frequent Semi-Copy backups of the knowledge system. Do not store all the backups on the same hard disk!

4. back-up the entire knowledge system every month (e.g. on CDR media)

5. run File : Recover on the knowledge system every month (pass through registry recovery at least once a year)

6. in case of system problems or other errors quit SuperMemo, restart Windows, back-up the system and run File : Recover

7. contact SuperMemo World immediately in case of encountering errors that could not be remedied with File : Recover (best of all, send a CDR back-up of the entire system to SuperMemo World for free inspection and advice)

8. in case you suspect a bug in the program, send a report to SuperMemo World. The most useful reports are rewarded with a free upgrade to the newest version of SuperMemo or enrollment in beta-testing programs for future releases