SuperMemo decalog

1. Create your knowledge systems using only the most applicable knowledge. Don't get too far into details before forming a general picture of the field you want to master. Too much pudding will choke the dog.

2. Work regularly with the SuperMemo method the same amount of time every day. No pain, no gain.

3. Don't overwork. More haste, less speed.

4. Before embarking on intense expansion of your knowledge system, check if your ability to formulate easy-to-remember items is sufficient, and check what your mental powers are and how much time you can afford to sustain long-lasting repetition process. Look before you leap.

5. Make sure that your items are as simple as possible and that they ask about all important aspects of the learned fact or rule. Small is beautiful.

6. Save on future repetition time by using mnemonic techniques for the most intractable items. A stitch in time saves nine.

7. Concentrate and don't stop thinking. Repetitions should be conscious, not automatic. All troubles come from ignorance.

8. If you do not find working with SuperMemo pleasant, then stop Adding items and pay more attention to cleaning your knowledge system from useless or ill-structured garbage. Nothings succeeds like success.

9. Keep fit. Do not cut down on sleep, exercise regularly and give up all hazardous habits like smoking or drinking. Healthy flesh nurtures healthy spirit.