Main Toolbar

The main windows toolbar duplicates some of the most often accessed options on the main menu. See toolbar button hints to learn more about functions of particular buttons (pause a mouse pointer over the button in question).

A few buttons on the toolbar require some more comment.

* Element ClipBox can be used to copy elements. Click the rightmost button on the Edit tab in the element window to start dragging the current element. Drop the element on Element ClipBox. You will notice that the trash-bin fills out. You can then drag the element from the ClipBox to the desired destination. For instance, by dropping the element on a newly created element you will duplicate the element stored in the ClipBox. See Using ClipBoxes.

* Component ClipBox can be used to copy element components. Choose Move to ClipBox on the component pop-up menu to fill out the ClipBox., or Ctrl-drag the component to the ClipBox. Then you can drag the component to the desired destination. See Using ClipBoxes.

* Hyperlink ClipBox can be used to create hyperlinks. Hyperlink ClipBox is filled out the same was as Component ClipBox. By dropping the content of Hyperlink ClipBox on any element in the system, you will hyperlink the component stored in the ClipBox with the drop target element. This way, the student can access the element by clicking the hyperlinked component. See Using ClipBoxes.

* Timer is used to measure repetition time. However, by clicking the timer button, you can turn on and off the timer and do whatever time measurements you need. For example, you might measure video or music subtitling pauses, etc.

* Hints check-box turns on and off hints.

* Crossed out Play button can be used to stop scripts. In case you write a script that enters an endless loop, you can break the loop by clicking this button. You do not need to dislodge SuperMemo from memory.