Selected opinions of users and journalists about SuperMemo

Journalists and reviewers

"IT REALLY WORKS. After a month, half an hour a day, my head was packed with a whole spectrum of words and phrases, which I would never suspect myself of being capable to memorize." Andrzej Horodenski, Computer World, Poland, June 8, 1992, in the article "SuperMemo - a brain cell developer"

"For a few months, I have experimented with vocabulary of one of artificial languages (...) and the success of my work [with SuperMemo] is evident. Both the vocabulary and time used go beyond all standards (...). It really works!" Pawel Wimmer, Enter, Poland, Oct. 1992, in the article "Praising SuperMemo"

"The authors do not exaggerate claiming that SuperMemo accelerates the speed of learning from 10 to 50 times as compared to conventional methods" Maciej Br0mba Pietras, Bajtek, Poland, Jan 1993, in the article "SuperMemo. Learn fast and forget about forgetting"

"After a month of learning [with Advanced English] (...) newly acquired knowledge started showing in communication with English speakers. (...) SuperMemo (...) at worst is 90% effective [in knowledge retention]. It's hard to believe, but this is a fact" Tomas Baranek, Cena/Vykon, Czech Republic, Mar 1994, in the article "SuperMemo 7.0 - everybody can do it"

"The use of the program [SuperMemo] is so simple that it seems impossible it could really work. You change your opinion after a month when you feel the results" Wojciech Gryciuk, Computer World, Poland, Sep. 27, 1993, in the article "SuperMemo 7 for Windows"

"I installed the program on a computer in the editorial office, and, from time to time, rushed my brain cells under the skull. The results, despite my irregularity, were sensational", Adam Chabinski, Chip, Poland, July 1994, in the article "SuperMemo 7.2 for Windows"

"On the market we have a program that accelerates learning from 10 to 50 times. The authors do not lie. SuperMemo is a true sensation (...) After half-year work with the program I have no doubt: it really works" Piotr Plociennik, Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland, Oct. 18, 1993, in the article "Fast learning"

"The material which I had tried to master in pain for a longer time the traditional way, I learned thanks to SuperMemo (and a dose of persistence) in a much shorter period of time, and what is also important, with pleasure. One thing is sure, I am a faithful advocate of SuperMemo (more and more), and can recommend it to everybody." Dorota Partycka, Swiat PC-tow, Poland, July 1993, in the article "SuperMemo 6"

"... SuperMemo for Amiga is a very good piece of software worth recommending to everybody who wants to learn fast and effectively ... The algorithm is based on one of the best methods of learning" Marek Pampuch, Magazyn Amiga, Poland, Sep 1993, in the article "SuperMemo"

Newspaper notes

"One of the sensations of CeBIT'92 was Polish educational software SuperMemo, in which the excellent idea was backed up by firm skills in software engineering" Andrzej Horodenski, Poznanski Magazyn Targowy, Poland, May 1993, in the article "Europe ... not so much Eastern"

"Among the winners [of the Gold Medal at Infosystem'94], probably the best known Polish computer export product - SuperMemo (...) based on the modern method of learning (...). The authors of the program, which was created several years ago, continue improving the product", Gazeta Poznanska, May 20, 1993, in the article "Gold at Infosystem"

"A domain on which technology can have a significant impact is education. It is one of the few fields, in which Polish programmers have contributed their share. I have in mind the authors of SuperMemo" Janusz Kotarski, Computer World, Poland, Jan 25, 1993, in the article "Quo Vadis informatica?"

"The package of Poznan programmers [SuperMemo] is one of our export specialties and is becoming a world success" Pawel Wimmer, PC Kurier, Poland, Sep 30, 1993, in the article "SUPER SuperMemo"

"SuperMemo (...) is a philosophy, maybe even a religion, in which the subject of worship is the unlimited knowledge." Jacek Grabowski, PC Kurier, Poland, Aug. 20, 1992, in an article "Forget about forgetting"

Jurors and scientists

"I would like to congratulate you [Dr.Gorzelanczyk] and Piotr Wozniak on the success of your findings, which are now available as SuperMemo." Margaret Jean Intons-Peterson, Editor, Memory & Cognition, USA, Feb. 12, 1992, in a letter to Dr Gorzelanczyk, Medical Academy of Poznan

"Congratulations! Your software is among the finalists in the SOFTWARE FOR EUROPE Awards Competition. Our jury has decided that your software is among the finest programs in your home country." Ralph Peter Rauchfuss, IDG Communications Verlag AG, Germany, Nov 14, 1991, in a letter to SuperMemo World

Users in Poland

"In June I have noticed a review of a computer program SuperMemo. (...) I bought this program and used it to learn English. After a month I can say that this program is excellent, and can be used to learn any subject, not only foreign languages." Bogdan Kowalewski, Warszawa, Poland, Aug. 15, 1992, in a letter to the president of ESKK school of languages

"This program is splendid. Wholehearted congratulations. With impatience I wait for upgrades, esp. for Windows." Janusz Dyczek, Krakow, Poland, July 1, 1992, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"I will use SuperMemo till the last day of my life, and I will try to convince everybody that SuperMemo can change his life", Maciej Butrymowicz, Primo Loco, Poland, Nov 5, 1992, in a dedication on a book passed to the author of the method

"Congratulations on creating the genius and sensational SuperMemo. I am aware that after many awards your masterpiece has collected, I can only join the common voice of praise and admiration" Ryszard Maczynski, Warszawa, 1994, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"For a few years now I have been using SuperMemo 6.2 (...). Your project has changed my approach to learning. Thank you" Marcin Skuratowicz, Elblag, Nov 1994, in a letter to authors of SuperMemo

"Thank you very much for SuperMemo. This program not only makes learning easy; it gives me an extra incentive for work", Maria Janiak, Aleksandrow, Poland, Oct. 30, 1992, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"SuperMemo gives me more than all my courses of English taken together", Artur Nowak, Bedzin, Poland, Dec. 3, 1993, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"Piotr Wozniak hit the nail on the head with his approach to optimization of learning. Developing his idea into an elegant piece of software deserves only praise", Adam Pawlowski, Krakow, Poland, Nov 9, 1992, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"I love this program! This is my best program I've got! Thank you", Piotr Wierzejewski, Poznan, Poland, Aug. 17, 1993, in an e-mail about SuperMemo 7 to SuperMemo World

"Your software is swell!", Piotr Kowal, Wesola, Poland, Dec. 4, 1993, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"My interest in your program comes from the fact that my colleague (...) worked on examination material with SuperMemo. I was extremely surprised to discover that he passed the exam in English top in our school!", Krzysztof Binkowski, Olsztyn, Poland, Aug. 6, 1994, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"I have received my TOEFL score and it is 617!!! It wouldn't have happened without your brilliant idea. Thanks a bunch", Przemyslaw Szaruga, Lodz, Poland, Feb 10, 1994, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"Cramming for exams, I dreamt about software that would test only the material I had problems with ... SuperMemo made my dream come true", Bogdan Kandybowicz, Gdansk-Oliwa, Poland, Sep 1, 1994, in a letter to SuperMemo World

"Being 50 years old, for the first time in my life, I became truly systematic with my work [repetitions in SuperMemo]", Stanislaw Jachimek, Ruda Slaska, Poland, Aug. 1993, in a questionnaire sent to SuperMemo World

"Reading press reviews of SuperMemo, one might think they are exaggerated. However, it is not so. It really works. At last, my computer is used to its best capability. Congratulations.", Pawel Lukasiewicz, Bydgoszcz, Poland, Oct. 1995, in a letter sent to SuperMemo World

"The new version is marvelous", Piotr Bajerski, Gliwice, Poland, Mar 1, 1995, in an e-mail to SuperMemo World in reference to SuperMemo 7.5 beta

"This year I passed my final exams. No exaggeration, I passed it thanks to you [SuperMemo World]. (...) The system [SuperMemo] appeared to be a stroke of genius. Thanks to SM I gained lots of time others wasted on unnecessary repetitions (...). On the exam, I wrote about the partition of Poland. This portion of material I learned in January [the exams took part in June] (...). Apart from SM I did not repeat anything. I got A and was released from further examinations. (...) I am not boasting. I just state the facts and the praise goes to the method [SuperMemo] and to your program! ", Lukasz Lubbe, Gniezno, Poland, July 20, 1996, in a letter to SuperMemo World

SuperMemo is the best method to learn foreign languages and many other subjects”, Maciej Filipczyk, Wojkowice, Poland, Oct 1, 1996, in a questionnaire sent to SuperMemo World

Users abroad

"I am very pleased with your product SuperMemo, which I have been using for some months now to learn Japanese. It is indeed possible to learn up to 3000 words per month. Which I admit was very surprising", Danny Browne, Future Fine Arts Ltd, Scotland, Aug. 23, 1994, in a fax to SuperMemo World

"I found SuperMemo 7 a really impressive product with the new audio-visual features", Carsten Haerle, Muenster, Germany, Aug. 1, 1993, in an e-mail to SuperMemo World

"The idea is fabulous", Winter Laite, Albuquerque, USA, Aug. 7, 1993, in an e-mail to SuperMemo World

"Great product", Hamish MacEwan, Information Technology & Systems, New Zealand, July 20, 1993, in an e-mail to SuperMemo World