Creating a SuperMemo database

Follow the steps listed below to create a set of questions and answers used in learning (such a set is called a database):

1. Create an new database by choosing New on the File menu

2. Use option Append new items on the Edit menu to add pairs of questions and answers (such pairs are called items)

Learning with SuperMemo

In order to memorize and repeat the learned items, do the following:

1. Choose Learn all on the Learn menu (e.g. press Ctrl+L).

2. Mentally or verbally, answer the question appearing in the Question field of the Learn window

3. Display the answer by pressing Enter, choosing Action : Show answer or clicking the mouse on the answer field

4. Depending on the accuracy of your response, provide a grade on a 0 to 5 grade point scale (5=bright, 4=good, 3=pass, 2=fail, 1=bad, 0=null). To provide the grade press the corresponding number key, click the grade button or choose the correct grade on the Grade menu

5. Display the next item to learn by pressing Enter, clicking the mouse below the question-answer fields, or by choosing Action : Next on the Learn window menu

6. If a new item appears in the Question field, go to Step 2 (to continue repeating items)

If a message “Final drill” appears on the screen, press Enter, and repeat items displayed by SuperMemo. These items are those which scored a grade less than four in the learning procedure described in Steps 1 through 6.

Warning: On a given day, the learning process is complete only when the Outstanding parameter displays 0+0.

Having had a look at the foregoing repetition procedure, you are perhaps now inclined to believe that SuperMemo is too simple to be really effective. The truth is: it is both simple and effective! See the section on theoretical foundations of the method to learn how SuperMemo figures out when and which pieces of knowledge should be repeated in order to achieve a staggering memory result.