Main toolbar

Main toolbar appears below the speedbar at the top of the main window (only in professional level if Window : View : Toolbar is checked).
Here is the use of individual controls:

  • Category combo box - select the current knowledge category. This will determine the appearance of newly added elements and the place they will be added in the knowledge tree in the contents window
  • Time picker - display or change current time
  • Date picker - display the current date and make it possible to change it. Caution! You should never manipulate the date in order to control the learning process! Date-picker will not allow of dates predating the first day of the learning process
  • Timer - timer used in measuring the total repetition time in a given session (it can also be used for other purposes, e.g. measuring video subtitling intervals, etc.)
  • Timer start button - start or stop the timer
  • Timer reset - reset the timer
  • Element ClipBox - temporary element cache that can be used to duplicate the contents of an element
  • Component ClipBox - temporary component cache that can be used in copying components
  • Hyperlink ClipBox - temporary component cache that can be used in creating hyperlinks
  • Script stop button - disable scripts (e.g. to debug a script than ran into an endless loop)
  • Hide toolbar button - hide the toolbar (toolbar can be restored with Window : View : Toolbar)
  • Hints checkbox - turn on and off hints