Annual Best SuperMemo Database Competition 1995

Jury Report, July 12, 1996

61 SuperMemo databases have been submitted to the Database Competition by 36 authors. 38 databases have been chosen by SuperMemo World to enter the finals. The finalists have been reviewed and graded by a jury panel composed of well-known journalists and representatives of SuperMemo World.

The jury included: (1) Ewa Dziekanska, Adam Chabinski and Piotr Kubiszewski from Chip, (2) Wojciech Jablonski from Bajtek, (3) Pawel Wimmer from PC Kurier, and (4) Piotr Wozniak and Eryk Horloza on behalf of SuperMemo World and Bajtek’s SuperMemo Club.

The jury expressed satisfaction from the good quality of the submitted material as compared with last year’s competition. Most of jurors have chosen their own candidates for winners and all databases among the first twenty were considered as a potential top choice!

According to the rules of the competition, and hoping to chose the best of the best, the jury decided to award the following databases:

  1. First award: mgr Marek Jerzy Minakowski for the database Greka attycka, PLN 600
  2. Second award: Dariusz Glowinski for the database Geografia, PLN 500
  3. Third award: Bogdan Kowalewski for a collection of databases for learning English, PLN 400
  4. Fourth, fifth and sixth award: Przemyslaw Kiszka for databases "Geografia polska", "Geografia fizyczna" and "Podstawy alfabetu morsa", PLN 300, PLN 250 and PLN 200 respectively
  5. Seventh award: dr Edward Jacek Gorzelanczyk for the database accompanying his book "Ilustrowany slownik fizyczny", PLN 150
  6. Eight award: Wojciech Misko for the database "Trylogia", PLN 100

The jury has also a pleasure to announce that SuperMemo World will provide the first fifteen competitors with SuperMemo CD-ROMs (Video English, Cross Country, Advanced English 94 and SuperMemo Multilingual).

Here are the final scores:

M.Minakowski, Greka attycka 81.9
D.Glowinski, Geografia 74.4
B.Kowalewski, First Steps in English 67.8
P.Kiszka, Geografia polski 59.1
P.Kiszka, Geografia fizyczna 55.1
P.Kiszka, Podstawy alfabetu morsa 53.9
E.Gorzelanczyk, J.Rentz, Fizyka 53.0
W.Misko, Trylogia 45.2
M.Godfryd, First Certificate in English 45.0
G.Wisniewski, Solaris 44.8
K.Bartys, Leksykon 43.3
G.Wisniewski, Animals 42.1
B.Powazka, H.Katulski, Zoologia 41.8
R.Ryszka, Lacina medyczna 41.4
S.Weslawski, Historia architektury starozytnej, Part II 41.3
S.Weslawski, Heraldyka 41.1
H.Szumielski, Fraszki Bruno Szulskiego 40.8
K.Bartys, Wyrazy bliskoznaczne 38.5
P.Borowski, Biblia 33.0
G.Kolibabski, Angielski w budownictwie 32.6

The remaining finalists in the order of their position: K.Wojtys, P.Stankiewicz, K.Grabka, Z.Matuszko and J.Dziedzielak, G.Baran, P.Malek, B. and M. Lagasse, H.Leonarczyk, M.Wozniak, D.Sokolowski, S.Woschnick and R.Ellmer, D.Hoyle, and I.Dembska.

All the remaining participants are strongly encouraged to submit their improved databases in the next edition of the competition