SuperMemo 99 beta-testing program-(September 1999)

SuperMemo 99 beta-testing program (September 1999)

Warning! Upgrade from SuperMemo 8/98 to SuperMemo 99 is irreversible!
Please create a back up of all your collections!!!

After the upgrade, use File : Repair collection with Basic recovery checked. This will compute new A-Factor distributions. Without recovery, you may get Wrong A-Factor distribution errors (these are not harmful to your learning process)

To understand the concept of reading lists see: Reading the Internet

SuperMemo 99 Help in CHM format is also available for download. Place it in your bin folder to use it with SuperMemo 99 and press F1 in SuperMemo

New features in SuperMemo 99

  1. Introducing the concept of a reading list (SuperMemo can now be used to import electronic texts from the Internet and help the user in prioritizing the material, splitting it into manageable portions, converting it into selections and items or separate reading tasks)
  2. Introducing the concept of a tasklist (although tasklists are an underlying concept for reading list management, they can also be used in to-do list management)
  3. Tasklist manager for managing reading lists and tasklists
  4. Reading list management options for text and rich text components (queue extract, remember extract, task extract, queue cloze, remember cloze, etc.)
  5. Learning in a single branch that can be resumed between sessions
  6. Category registry for better management of a large number of categories
  7. Templates can be edited in the template registry
  8. Extended and orthogonal contents and browser operations
  9. Extended statistics (e.g. lifetime repetition time in days, average repetition time, daily working time in minutes, and many more)
  10. Midnight date shift delay for those who make repetitions after midnight
  11. New user interface based on four levels of difficulty: Beginner, Basic, Middle and Professional
  12. Layout management
  13. Manual inter-repetition interval adjustment
  14. Intelligent folder management (no more children overflow dialog box)
  15. Merge with template works on compatible types (e.g. HTML, RTF or text)
  16. Repetition ceiling to limit the inflow of new material
  17. Branch rescheduling
  18. One-step upgrade of files created with SuperMemo 98 or SuperMemo 8 (as well as import from SuperMemo 6 for DOS and SuperMemo 7 for Windows)
  19. Recompiled with Delphi 4.0

New features in Beta B

  1. Better reuse of deleted registry member space
  2. RTF garbage collection
  3. Accept is not disabled by registry searches in Link registry member
  4. Hide Level Menu is ignored on Middle and Professional levels
  5. Closing the element window checks if the user intends to quit SuperMemo
  6. Differentiating between Queue Cloze and Remember Cloze
  7. Differentiating between Queue Extract and Remember Extract

New features in Beta D

  1. Statistics show which branch is currently the subject of learning
  2. Alt+Ctrl+L starts branch learning on a selected ancestor
  3. Child : Outstanding in the browser for branch rescheduling
  4. Option Trim shortcuts to turn off shortcuts interfering with national diacritical character shortcuts

Bugs fixed in Beta B

  1. global Dismiss would result in last repetition errors
  2. Simulation would not update all statistical fields correctly
  3. component shadow would be displaced in a scrolled element area
  4. some GIF files would hang Import file
  5. using Options would temporarily disturb focus setting at appending new items
  6. Duplicate would generate an empty element at folder rearrangement
  7. occasional errors in interpreting the contents of the clipboard in adding items to a reading list
  8. Ctrl+R would fail to remove a task from a tasklist
  9. String Middle was missing from the localization table

Bugs fixed in Beta C

  1. A-Factor and Interval distribution rounding errors would result in recovery error reports (this bug has been there in SuperMemo in the entire SuperMemo 8/98 line!)
  2. A-Factor rounding errors would result in wrongly computing A-Factor categories that might result in slightly longer intervals (2-3%)
  3. Long registry reference lists (over 500 references) would occasionally result in reporting non-existent errors at recovery
  4. Browser would occasionally not refresh entirely in Beginner and Basic levels
  5. Advanced English 97 in ReadOnly mode would not upgrade correctly
  6. Merge with Template in the second contents window would apply the operation to a wrong branch!!!
  7. Component ClipBox could not be dragged
  8. Selection : Alignment and Size would have no effect on the element pop-up menu
  9. Leech Catcher would allow non-item and non-memorized filter setting
  10. Deadlines would not be formatted correctly in task manager
  11. Future repetitions would not consider the current setting of the forgetting index (it would return results as if FI=10%)
  12. Interval in Element Parameters window would not be updated

Bugs fixed in Beta D

  1. Ctrl+J would not work in the browser
  2. Lexicon size changes would be reported as an error at recovery even for Compile lexicon on-the-fly set to off
  3. Element window could not be minimized
  4. Shortcut problems in national Windows releases was circumvented with Trim Shortcuts in Options : SuperMemo