SuperMemo 98 beta-testing program

Warning! Upgrade from SuperMemo 8.x to SuperMemo 98 is irreversible!

Accessing help:

  1. Please download smweb.chm file from the Site Map page (1.7 MB) and place it in the bin subdirectory of SuperMemo. This file can be used to display context-sensitive help pages in SuperMemo
  2. You can also access help from this site: SuperMemo 98 Help

Minimum Requirements:

  • 486, Win95 or WinNT 4.0
  • 8 MB RAM
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 (only for HTML processing and Complied HTML help)

New features added during beta-testing

  • translation and transliteration keyboard shortcut
  • Add pronunciation picks the currently selected text into the text field
  • possibility to turn off on-the-fly lexicon compilation to speed up the program (Tools : Options : Data access : Compile lexicon on-the-fly)
  • connecting to SuperMemo Website in case CHM file was not found in Help
  • detecting Internet Explorer 4.0 installation
  • speeding up writing of texts to the disk
  • supporting WMF format in image components
  • SuperMemo remembers the last used Display At status set in sound components and use it as default when creating new sound components
  • displaying X and Y mouse coordinates when using drag-and-drop from the Compose toolbar
  • options Transparent, Stretch and Edit Hit-Area work with JPG, GIF and WMF images
  • Import : Multimedia Files can now also import JPG, WMF, MID and RMI files
  • Set difficulty ordinal in the contents window to generate ordinals from a real learning process
  • File : Registration : Unregister (e.g. for redistribution of collections with unregistered SuperMemo)
  • protecting Print button from accidental use
  • English interface can also be edited with Localization table (without the need to change the name)

Bugs fixed

Beta B, Aug 20, 1998

  • some entries were missing in the localization table
  • main window would disappear occasionally on restore
  • elements would disappear from the history window on click in beginner and basic modes
  • occasionally browser columns would be zero-sized on switching between levels
  • maximize status would be lost on switching between levels
  • errors would be reported at switching to beginner level with HTML components in the currently displayed element
  • History button would be permanently disabled on the first entry to the program
  • Shift+click translations would turn on the editing mode
  • deleting all texts from HTML editor would not clear the web browser component
  • program would report multiple errors in case mshtml.dll or shdocvw.dll were missing
  • on opening browser, the browser window would be deactivated by the element window
  • Ctrl+F and Ctrl+A would cause integrity errors if the translation windows was opened

Beta C, Aug 25, 1998

  • repetition at midnight could result in wrong scheduling date errors
  • GIF and JPG image components would not work
  • Q&A import and export would not work
  • default background in SuperMemo 8.4 would turn black upon upgrade to the new version
  • File : Reset : Collection would apparently hang up on large collections
  • using the contents pop-up menu would result in blocking drag-and-drop operations on the Compose tab
  • Insert HTML link would often report errors and delete the hyperlinked text
  • choosing a new element would not close Path or Title tabs
  • using pop-up menu in empty image registry would result in errors
  • localization files (TRA) would not accept long filenames
  • Duplicate would not store the duplicated item on the history list
  • Contents window would not display the icon for a duplicated item
  • dropping elements from Element ClipBox would not initially refresh the element's content
  • old title would remain in the element data window upon accepting a new title
  • Alt+N during title editing would loose the changes

Beta D, Sep 3, 1998

  • pending browser would not close before sorting the pending queue
  • Search and Replace in registries would skip some members due to reindexing
  • lack of repetition history file would abort Import : Learning process
  • Help did not work at the beginner and basic levels
  • Last Repetition set at the First Day of the learning process would not show up in the element data window
  • JPG and GIF images would not preserve the Stretch status
  • registry search results would not be sorted
  • focus on grade keys would move in the wrong direction upon pressing arrow keys
  • early Internet Explorer 4.0 installation would not be detected
  • component labels would not be updated upon deleting one or more components

Beta E, Sep 15, 1998

  • removing focus from edited component after Duplicate would not be possible with Esc
  • opening collections without phonetic transcription after collections with mouse-move transliteration would occasionally cause errors
  • ClipBoxes were disabled in Beta D
  • default size of the element window would not fit 800x600 resolution
  • copy and paste would not work on image components
  • Import in localization table would ignore font setting
  • switching with subset>0 in registry to another window would reset the subset
  • displaying dates would ignore short-date setting in Windows
  • pop-up menus were available at the beginner and basic levels
  • Color would not work in RTF components

Beta F, Sep 19, 1998

  • File menu would often be invisible upon switching back from professional to beginner level
  • RTF component would occasionally report an error: Posit=0 at IntegrateRTFFile
  • RTF texts could not be edited in the text registry
  • vertical line would become slanted upon switching to editing mode
  • File : New would use a wrong path if the pathname included a dot

You can compare the present beta-testing procedure with the results of beta-testing SuperMemo 8.2 (Feb 1997 - May 1997) and beta-testing SuperMemo 8.4 (Aug 1997 - Jan 1998)