SuperMemo 2002 beta-testing questionnaire

Dear Beta-tester,

Please respond to the following questions in as much detail as possible. User questionnaires are processed religiously to the last detail. It may take months or years to act on your suggestions, but you can be sure that no remark gets ignored or unread. Your input is vital for shaping SuperMemo!

  1. Did SuperMemo 2002 meet your expectations? What features did you wait for and not get? What features were a positive surprise?
  2. Do you use incremental reading? If not, why not? If yes, how do you evaluate your speed of learning as compared with classical SuperMemo (i.e. based on questions and answers)
  3. What operating systems did you test on? What browser versions?
  4. What difficulty levels did you try: Basic, Beginner, Middle, or Professional?
  5. What are the top three bugs that have not yet been removed? Are you aware of bugs that might endanger user data integrity?
  6. What are the three things you like most about SuperMemo 2002?
  7. What are your top three dislikes about SuperMemo 2002?
  8. What are your top three requests for the future?
  9. What options should be removed?
  10. Is SuperMemo 2002 more or less user-friendly than earlier versions? Why? 
  11. Is SuperMemo 2002 more or less stable/reliable than earlier versions? 
  12. What was the quality of support during beta-testing? What should be changed in the future? Did you feel your input was processed promptly?
  13. Did you read on-line documentation? What should be changed in the structure? Or in style? Are you aware of any documentation errors?
  14. Do you think abc.kno collection can be used effectively as an introduction to SuperMemo basics?
  15. Do you recommend SuperMemo to your friends and family? Do you recommend incremental reading? Did you have any success recruiting new users?
  16. Would you like to use on-line SuperMemo? Would you keep your data on SuperMemo server or rather use on-line SuperMemo only as a supplement? Would you prefer a simple version (e.g. simple repetitions during vacation) or would like to see a transfer of desktop functionality to the net? Would you like to use incremental reading on-line?
  17. What was the hardest thing for you to learn about SuperMemo in the beginning? What is the most unclear concept/component of SuperMemo 2002?
  18. When did you start using SuperMemo? Were you close to giving up? What must SuperMemo change to keep you in the circle of users for ever?
  19. Write more about yourself. Your background is important. Your age. History of using SuperMemo. Hobbies. What is SuperMemo most useful for for you?

Please send your answers to beta(AT)supermemo(.)com

In response to your questionnaire you will receive new unlock password, download instructions, as well as an invitation to gamma-testing. The password will be valid indefinitely through the final release. You can continue your participation in gamma testing. You can also opt out from further testing, and use SuperMemo 2002 to your own liking.

Thank you again for your precious time, and participation in the beta-testing program.

Yours sincerely

Piotr Wozniak
SuperMemo R&D