SuperMemo 2002 beta-testing program-February-May 2002 (Admissions Closed May 15, 2002)

SuperMemo 2002 beta-testing program
February-May 2002 (Admissions Closed May 15, 2002)


  1. Please create a back up of all your collections! Do it each time you upgrade to a new beta!
  2. Upgrade from SuperMemo 8/98/99/2000 to SuperMemo 2002 is irreversible! Some earlier versions are not sufficiently protected from opening SM2002 files. This may lead to loss of data.  You should keep your older collections and your SM2002 collections separate!
  3. Upon upgrade from earlier version, you must not abort File : Repair collection. Only this procedure will fill out new records with default data
  4. You need Internet Explorer 6.0 to make the full use of SuperMemo 2002. Without it, you will not be able to use HTML-based incremental reading and import from Internet Explorer. If you have problems with shortcuts in HTML in your configuration, use trimmed.tra interface, or better yet, update your Explorer/Windows
  5. Please send your requests for future versions too. Those cannot be considered in the course of beta-testing but will scrupulously be stored on tasklists built for future releases
  6. Please report errors in help files too
  7. Please send comments about ABC.kno included with SuperMemo 2002
  8. Final reports, gamma-testing, unlock password


  1. What's new in SuperMemo 2002
  2. Help
  3. FAQ
  4. Most important new options to explore and test (below)
  5. Bugs fixed during beta-testing (below)

The most important new options you may want to explore:

  1. HTML-based incremental reading 
  2. Postpone wizard (Ctrl+Alt+P in the browser)
  3. Wholesale import from MS Internet Explorer 6.0 (Shift+F8)
  4. Live content (images or whole pages kept on remote servers)
  5. Mid-interval repetitions (Ctrl+Alt+R
  6. AND-Search and OR-Search (Ctrl+F with Details on)
  7. History of the learning progress (Tools : Statistics : Analysis : Use)
  8. Category and tasklist wizard (Edit : Create category and Edit : Create tasklist)
  9. Reference labels (Reference menu in incremental reading)
  10. Multiple selections in Contents Drag&Drop
  11. Retention and repetitions statistics in Tools : Workload 

For details see: What's new in SuperMemo 2002

Bugs fixed during beta-testing

Build Bugs fixed New features
Beta A
  1. Apply layout on a maximized element window would not work the first time
  2. Maximized element window layout would not preserve the last restored coordinates
  3. Workload layout eliminated (deemed redundant)
  4. Setting display state in HTML components would be slowed down by setting up access interfaces needed only in the editing mode
  5. HTML read points would occasionally hang up the browser
  6. Scrolling HTML did not check for document availability with possible errors
  7. Search definitions would not save correctly
  8. Delete did not work in search dialog
  9. Postpone dialog box would at times reload the outstanding browser even if no postpone was executed
  1. Each collection can use a separate FAQ file 
  2. Template delete is faster by scanning the member list (if possible)
Beta B
  1. Maximized element window would lose its restore coordinates
  2. HTML components could hang up when loading at the same time as opening a browser
  3. Mid-interval topic repetitions could result in Outstanding=-1 in Statistics
  4. Child browser would not clear the selection
  5. Progress box would remain on top after switching to other applications with Alt+Tab
  6. File browser would fail in preview of some text files
  7. Export Q&A from browser would overwrite the result files without asking
  8. Opening another instance of SuperMemo would attempt to open a collection under recovery
  9. Templates with Skip source extras flag on would delete source extras
  10. Mid-interval repetition executed while editing HTML would result in an mshtml error
  11. Browser by range would not work
  12. Search dialog would not size correctly in Win98 and WinNT 4.0
  13. Docking toolbar could be maximized
  14. Failed registry search would deactivate the registry
  15. Alt+A and Alt+B shortcuts were available in forbidden contexts (e.g. search&replace)
  16. Done would not work in the browser after RTF->HTML component upgrade
  17. Invert selection in the browser would interpret unloaded browser rows as selected
  1. Browser : Subset : Clear selection
  2. Progress box makes it possible to refresh other windows (by processing wm_Paint messages)
  3. Cloze applies the category template if Auto-apply is on
  4. Apply Filter affects the content of RTF files
Beta C
  1. Drag&Drop in Contents would not block dropping on itself
  2. Esc in registry Search&Replace would close the registry
  3. Shortcuts in Find and Replace dialogs in registry would propagate to element window
  4. FAQ files would be corrupted if FAQ text included HTML tags
  5. Cancel on "Abandon e-mail message" would abandon the message
  6. Esc would kill HTML selections when moving from editing to display modes
  7. Workload would deactivate element window on close
  8. Clipboard content would be corrupted on upgrading RTF texts to HTML
  9. Hide navigation toolbar would not hide element window menu with toolbar dock off
  10. Branch rescheduling would affect wrong subset on childless branches
  11. Dilute in browser would dilute the currently selected branch in contents
  12. Line tilt flipped on collection merging
  13. Hung or corrupted instances of Internet Explorer would abort page import
  14. Alt+click would not allow of dragging edited HTML components
  15. Collection upgrade would not force collection verification and statistics reevaluation
  16.  Spelling exercises would not work from the pending queue
  17. LearnOnly mode would leave categories, templates and tasklists empty on upgrade from SuperMemo 8
  1. Double-click on kno files opens the collection even if another instance is already running
  2. Esc on selections in HTML first clears the selection before calling standard Esc processing (except one character selections generated on selection extracts)
  3. Show Answer makes the answer the current component (e.g. for text filtering shortcuts)
  4. On restarting Windows, unclosed SuperMemo will reopen
  5. Default SuperMemo path is changed only with user permission
  6. Delete works with multi-select in Contents
  7. Extrinsic HTML files can be reloaded with Esc
  8. HTML content can be text-less
  9. Upgrade from Genius and sm8 simplified (fewer steps and confirmation queries)
Beta D
  1. File browser would abort SuperMemo when previewing collections created with Genius 1.0
  2. File : Merge collection would not warn that merging with itself will be ignored
  3. Left panels in statistics windows would be wastefully wide for lower resolution computers
  4. File browser would be late with testing for drive's existence with redundant error messages
  5. No Cancel available on "Do you want to reschedule ..."
  6. Numerous repetition history errors on upgrade from SuperMemo 2000 suppressed
  7. Reading : Ignore menu would be inactive in HTML components
  8. Category Wizard out of the screen on smaller monitors
  9. Progress box in Monthly workload would bring element window to forefront
  10. Cancel would be the default action in the FAQ dialog box
  11. Ctrl+Shift+P often misread as Ctrl+P when editing HTML
  12. <TD> and <TR> tags would be ignored by the table HTML filter
  13. Collecting outstanding elements would not be interruptible
  14. HTML message processor would allow of SuperMemo specific messages execute while loading HTML
  15. Ctrl+Alt+R and F6 shortcuts could execute twice while editing HTML
  16. URL list would not refresh on import
  17. Default interface font reduced in size for lower resolution monitors
  1. Detecting Internet Explorer version and displaying a warning if less than 6.0
  2. Bug report button for beta-testing purposes with collection and system data included
  3. Subscript and Superscript buttons
Beta E
  1. Ctrl+Alt+N would fail if the default topic template was plain-text based
  2. trimmed.tra interface can be used to solve shortcut problems in some older IE/Win configurations
  3. Localized SuperMemo would use interval=0 on Force Repetition
  4. Shapes would not signal dragging mode by color
  5. Save layout dialog box would hind behind layout manager
  6. ANSI UpperCase support is used for a wider national character set usability
  7. Empty extracts would be possible
  8. Image paste would not reuse empty image components
  9. Grade evaluation would not be triggered in selected repetition modes
  10. Default category forgetting index would not be set to the default forgetting index
  11. Error on double-click in tasklists
  12. Ctrl+T would not make images draggable
  13. Extracts would abort the learning cycle if at post-grade stage
  14. Video invisible on return from editing to display mode
  15. At some interface font settings, cursor would be invisible in Tools : Plan
  1. Limited Unicode support in HTML texts
  2. MOV video support
Beta F
  1. Slow loading HTML pages would not correctly mark the reading extract (Beta F displays "Wait for document loading" in such cases) 
  2. Importing live pages from the web browser would not produce unique text registry name that would result in overwriting similarly titled pages
  3. When using Trim Shortcuts, some Alt+Del shortcuts would still be in conflict with Alt Gr in international versions of Windows
  4. SuperMemo would attempt to import content from Windows Explorer at Import Web Pages
  5. Adding new elements during video playback could result in errors
  6. Reloading external links in HTML would not block default element call on Esc key
  7. The scrolling position in HTML components would often move when editing on click
  8. Dragging components could add sources extracts to the template
  9. Deleting all components from a template in the template registry would result in an error
  10. Removing HTML selections from non selectable objects (e.g. pictures) would always return true
  11. AND-OR status of the search string wrongly derived from the content of
    AND and OR fields in string search (false returns possible)
  12. Import local pages from Internet Explorer would not be possible if the page was a picture
  13. Empty default layout could block Esc processing (e.g. learning mode, default
    element, etc.)
  14. Cancel would not be disabled at upgrade recovery
  15. Copying templates to the clipboard in the template registry would result in an error
  16. Date repetition field would not be cleared in final drill
Beta G
  1. Accept not disabled when deactivating Contents
  2. Default font sample not updated in Options
  3. Postpone dialog would not scale correctly in lower resolutions
  4. Unspecified background color would use the color of the last opened collection 
    instead of the default color
  5. URL list would not remember last mode selection
  6. "Date from before the first day found" not suppressed on upgrade from SM2000
  7. Export to HTML would use source data instead of the merged template data
  8. HTML topic template would often show side scrollbars in Windows XP
  9. HTML message handler would be turned off on components entering the 
    display mode even when not current
  10. Problems with Alt+Tab when Analysis was open
  11. Edit : Export file would not work in sound components
  12. Changing drill item type to topic would hang up final drill
  13. File : Tools menu would be visible on the beginner level
  14. Workload would pop in front of the element window if opened during repetitions
  15. Ctrl+N shortcut in HTML would conflict with Ctrl+N for Add note. Ctrl+Shift+N used instead
  16. Find first in registry search would not work
  1. Shortcuts for Extract and Cloze (Alt+X and Alt+Z)
Beta H
  1. Various limitations would be imposed by transferring repetition history as a binary file between collections (design problem)
  2. Reset collection would not affect repetition history
  3. File browser would fail to add the default extension to extension-less files
  4. Export as Text would overwrite old files without warning
  5. Collection merging would be slowed by unnecessary file open-close operations
  6. Category would not be reassigned when moving elements to a category
  7. Default interface font would not scale to user font setting in Windows
  8. Export file from registry could save the file at a location different from the one selected
  9. File browser might not update the filename field upon file list click
  10. Global Apply Filter would fail to filter formatted texts
  11. Repair collection would fail to detect items with A-Factor less than 1.2
  12. Text : Alignment would be inactive in RTF and HTML components
  13. Path button in registries would corrupt secondary storage setting
  14. Q&A import would introduce imported elements to the learning process
  15. Errors at import from SuperMemo 7
  16. Repetition history would be deleted at File : Repair collection : Verify rep. history
  1. Removing the knowledge tree filter from SuperMemo 7 upgrade. This saved 1200 lines of code. The tree can now be built more efficiently after completing the upgrade
  2. More consistent naming and coloring of predefined templates
Beta I
  1. Default background image could not be deleted
  2. Clicking Contents would not clear multiple selections
  3. Find dialog of the wrong size when moving collections between computers with different resolutions
  4. Deleting a category would not reset its member references
  5. Selecting the secondary storage path in Options would bring up the element window
  6. Double-click in Workload on past repetitions would ignore the current display mode
  7. Wrong New Items queue in the workload browser. New Items always zero in monthly workload
  8. Monthly retention averages would include days from before the first day
  9. Alt+Left and Alt+Right would not work while inside the HTML editor
  10. MCT export would produce empty files
  11. Q&A export would abort on two successive empty elements
  12. Ctrl+J would not set the presentation mode
  13. At category verification, default predefined template would not be recreated
    in categories that made references to default templates
  14. MESSAGE in scripts would execute twice
  15. Reference : Title would discard the master title
  16. Randomize repetitions would not randomize topics
  17. Opening a collection with a future date would lock use statistics until that date
  1. Shortcut reshuffling. Main reasons: Ctrl+Shift+N (Note) and Ctrl+Shift+M (Apply template) were easily mixed up. In addition, Alt+Right/Left is a standard for Back and Forward. Alt+A now used for Add New (simplicity), could not be used for Forward. As a result Alt+Arrow could not be used for dragging, Alt+Ctrl+Arrow used instead. Then Alt+Ctrl+Up could not be used for Parent; Ctrl+Up used instead. Alt+A could not be used for Show Answer; Enter used instead
  2. HTML hyperlinks to SuperMemo scripts
  3. Inactivating old SuperMemos for data security
Beta J
  1. File : Tools menu would be visible on the beginner level
  2. Component menu Case Sensitive check on HTML would cause pop-up menu  errors
  3. Reset collection would not delete use statistics
  4. Relative paths would be converted to absolute paths at Insert HTML Link due to an mshtml bug. This would corrupt inserted links in renamed collections
  5. Last element would not save on closing SuperMemo if the default element was non-zero
  6. File errors in closing registries could indicate that the registry is opened (with more errors to follow)
  7. Border and ScrollBar would not work on ReadOnly HTML
  8. Transfer would ignore the request to leave the original files at secondary storage
  9. Super and sub-script buttons would not set the modified flag in HTML
  10. Metric unit conversions would fail on numbers separated with commas
  11. Disconnecting secondary storage could result in Repair collection resetting pointers to missing files
  12. Errors in distinguishing between upward and downward going lines (e.g. painting, transfer, etc.)
  13. Deleting components would fail to update component number tags on some of sound player objects 
    (e.g. possible errors on Alt+click)
  14. Outstanding items-vs-topics statistic not updated on switching item-topic type
  15. Maximizing element window would not be cancelled by alignment with the contents window
  16. Match Words and Case Sensitive would not be saved in search definitions
  17. Deleting components would not make template changes global when requested
  18. Reset Collection would not set the last repetition field to zero
  19. Reset Collection would set topic A-Factors to 3.0
  20. U-Factor wrongly set after mid-interval repetition 
  21. View : All would be slowed down by a superfluous uniqueness check
Build 11.01 (May 29, 2002)
  1. Computing new U-Factor would not set U-Factor to 1.0 if less than 1.0
  2. Last day of learning might be uninitialized in Workload resulting in Range Check error
  3. Cancelled subset learning with empty subset learning title would loop with endless queries "Resume learning?"
  4. Components not always saved before Apply Template; could result in loss of texts in answers
  5. Ctrl+Alt+R shortcut attached to paste category articles instead of paste reading list article
  6. Help : FAQ pointed to the old FAQ address
  7. Tools : Statistics : Report aborted on "Memorized topics" due to string processing error
  8. KNO extension not registered correctly if SuperMemo registry key was empty
  9. Subset review that followed subset learning would execute subset learning instead of subset review
  10. Text : Plain Text not visible on HTML menu
  11. Question of the Day would ignore the default item template
  1. Buttons Paste, Extract and Cloze added to the element navigation toolbar
  2. Ctrl+B for view branch in contents instead of Ctrl+Shift+Enter (often confused with Done)
Build 11.02 (Aug 1, 2002)
  1. Undo on HTML component menu would not work
  2. If the current tasklist in INI was deleted, SuperMemo would not fix it
  3. Alt+A in registry replace would execute Add new
  4. Learn as the default button would not be set correctly when activating HTML
  5. <NOBR> tag would not be removed at HTML spacing filtering
  6. Space in Q&A file could hang up Q&A import
  7. Workload on the first day of the month could produce Range check error
  8. Ctrl+Alt+H would not show files with extension *.html
  9. Back-scheduled repetition with Interval=1 would produce an error message in repetition history
  10. FontSize:OleVariant would be multiplied by FontScale while it might be vtNull (problem with older browsers)
  11. Repetition history and Plain text shortcuts would not work in the browser
  12. Import : Learning process would skip memorized material 
  13. Element window focus would be lost on opening and closing Workload
  1. Advance added to subset operations (opposite to Postpone)
  2. Child : Articles available in the browser for top-level articles only
  3. Del  in repetition history dialog deletes the history
  4. Reporting zero-sized filespace files during Repair collection
Build 11.03
  1. Delete after Duplicate could delete the new duplicate instead of the original element