SuperMemo 2000 beta-testing program

  1. Upgrade from SuperMemo 8/98/99 to SuperMemo 2000 is irreversible!
  2. For all communication related to beta-testing, please use the following address: beta(AT)supermemo(.)com. Do not use other support addresses as this will slow down bug report processing!
  3. Due to stricter category registration, your recovery may be rich with "Element does not belong to the indicated category" error and "Removing a reference to a deleted registry member" warning. You can ignore these messages first time they appear in your collections upgraded from earlier versions of SuperMemo
  4. Please send your requests for future versions too. Those cannot be considered in the course of beta-testing but will scrupulously be stored for the next release tasklist
  5. Please report errors in help files too


  1. Most important new options to explore
  2. Complete list of new features in SuperMemo 2000
  3. SuperMemo 2000 Help 
  4. Bugs fixed during beta-testing
  5. FAQ

The most important new options you may want to explore:

  • Incremental reading - your task-articles can enter the standard learning processing with Remember. They can also be converted to topics and repeated passively using an algorithm taken from the old good SuperMemo 1.0 (1987)  where AFactors are interpreted as EFactors. You can now choose the best of the two worlds:
    • reading lists - as in SuperMemo 99
    • incremental reading - importing articles with Ctrl+Alt+N (Edit : Add to category : Note) and reviewing incrementally in the learning process (priority adjustment can be made by changing AFactor and the interval: the greater the AFactor the faster the dilution of the material, the shorter the interval the faster the next review)
    • both - import articles via the reading list (Ctrl+Alt+R), memorize the most interesting articles or those who are long enough to require more detailed evaluation, review articles incrementally. Independently, read whole articles from the top of the reading list or use the reading list to prioritize the entry of new articles into incremental reading (with Remember)
  • Tools : Plan will help you dynamically control the optimum proportions between activities in your schedule. You can use it for learning only (e.g. to set proportions for surfing, import, reviewing, reading, learning and repetitions) or you can plan your whole day using dynamic scheduling. Click on the Activity field, type the name of the activity (e.g. Breakfast), type the hoped-for duration, go to the next activity, type activity and duration, etc. At the very bottom, you can type End or Sleep and leave duration zero. Once you finish your schedule type the number of hours you can spend on executing the plan (at the top of the form): SuperMemo will compute optimum proportions between activities. Click on the Start field. Type in the hour at which you want to start. Your first plan is ready. Once you finish a given activity, choose set to adjust the current time. SuperMemo will recalculate the durations. You can drag activities by using the gray field on the left
  • E-mail tasklist will help you apply reading options to your most interesting e-mails. You can manage a large stream of e-mail without missing on important information. Respond quickly to your e-mails with Thank you, I will respond asap or with quick answers such as Yes, No, I do not know, Please write to <address>, Please go to <URL>, etc. Add the remaining e-mails to your reading list. For example, in Outlook 2000, click Forward, copy the text to the clipboard (include the header information!), use Ctrl+Alt+E in SuperMemo (Edit : Add to tasklist : EMail), specify the value of the e-mail (answer: how much would you be ready to pay to have this e-mail read or responded to?), adjust processing time (by default SuperMemo estimates the processing time by the length of the imported text), choose Remember on e-mails that require immediate attention, choose Ctrl+J with interval 1-day for e-mail that must be analyzed within a day. Use standard reading options to process e-mail. Respond to selected fragments by choosing Reading : EMail on the reading options menu (better yet: click Send on the reading toolbar). SuperMemo will send e-mail via your default e-mail software. Once you get overflown with too much e-mail, sort e-mail by interval in the browser, start with short-interval e-mails, reprioritize or respond and use Postpone on the remaining pieces of e-mail (e.g. factor 1.1 will add two days to e-mails with the interval of 20 days)

Bugs fixed during beta-testing

Build Bugs fixed New features
Beta A
  1. Global templates would wrongly register objects on editing
  2. wrong RFactor ceiling would allow of RFactors grow beyond the theoretical maximum (equal AFactor)
  3. Warning "Dismissing last memorized element" would appear also if no elements were memorized at Dismiss
  4. Read-only localization files could not be opened
  5. Text filters would fail on open comments in titles that were automatically shortened by SuperMemo
  6. Total would not be updated on Queue Cloze and Queue Extract
  7. Aborted Copy collection would keep the destination name on the file pick-list
  8. Copy collection would start copying without testing for available space on the destination drive
  9. Collection would not open if read-only sm8opt.dat was substituted
  10. Task manager would not remember its location on the screen
  11. Empty template registry would display all element window buttons that would produce fatal errors when used
  12. Tools toolbar would not respect the interface font when floating
  13. Global template elements would incorrectly register their category
  14. Recovery verifies category registration (previously it would just ignore it)
  15. Reading options would not register the descendant element template
  1. Q&A export allows of exporting branch titles
  2. Safe title filtering (end of title automatically closes all open delimiters)
  3. Removing read-only file status from localization files (e.g. when submitted via e-mail)
  4. HTML export with templates reuses template colors
  5. Converting Tasks to Topics or Items in the Element Parameters dialog box
  6. Error dialog boxes make it possible to copy the error to clipboard or e-mail the report to SuperMemo World
  7. Fatal errors record the path to the terminating collection
  8. Text highlighter among  reading options
  9. Levels Middle and Professional turn off localization of menus used in Beginner and Basic levels
  10. Element Parameters dialog box displays the element's currently registered category 


Beta B
  1. Apply layout on an element with scalable components would not resize the components
  2. Closing Workload would restore Default layout instead of Last used layout
  3. Classic layout would not dock the toolbars
  4. Shift+click translation would display Cannot translate message on shape components
  5. The toolbar dock window could be resized vertically and take unnecessary screen space
  6. Cloze deletion would set read-point on [...] deletion
  7. Element window would not get restored after minimizing and activating via Windows taskbar
  8. Reading toolbar would not float in Windows 98
  9. Activating SuperMemo with Alt+Tab would reload components twice
  10. SuperMemo 7 databases could not be imported  
  1. Default transfer tasklist is kept separately for each tasklist in a collection. Confirmation is needed to change the default transfer target 
  2. Repair collection reports the number of allocated registry member slots and the actual number of members
  3. Remember on a task removes the task from the tasklist upon confirmation
Beta C
  1. File : New would not retain the current layout
  2. Closing the content window would restore the default layout instead of the last used layout
  3. Changing element type would not update the element's type in the browser
  4. Recovery options dialog box would not free its memory
  5. Templates would change element type without confirmation
  6. Transfer would replace text center and right alignment with the left alignment
  7. Category combo in element parameters would occasionally ignore the category change
  8. Task manager would wrongly remember the last search string
  9. Template apply would overwrite the multiple-choice setting
  10. Repair collection would wrongly set the end of template buffers will possible loss to components ('wrong buffer marker' error)
  11. Obstructing file c:\colls\xxx would prevent creating a collection named c:\colls\xxx.kno
  12. Collection rename would not remove the old name from the file pick-list
  13. '..' would not work as the parent directory in the file browser
  14. File : Copy collection would not allow of creating the target directory if it did not exist
  15. Copying a collection to xxx.knno would make it unavailable from the pick list
  16. Toolbar selection would not be stored in layout.ini
  17. Duplicate on tasks would not create a new tasklist position for the newly created task
  18. File delete in file browser would fail on read-only files
  1. File options such as File : Open, File : New, File : Copy collection, etc. use a file browser that makes it possible to preview collection statistics, delete collections and hide directories that make locating collections difficult if their number is large
  2. Templates, categories and tasklists are not deleted upon deleting the last user
  3. Selected error messages provide a bookmarked link to the errors page at SuperMemo Website
  4. Tools : Export : Learning process makes it also possible to optionally export the last update record of dismissed and pending elements
Beta D
  1. Extracts and cloze deletions executed on tasks would create new tasks
  2. Sending extracts via e-mail would fail on longer files
  3. Background applications would flicker in certain setting of background and the main toolbar dock
  4. Rich text components would not respect Default Font 
  5. Categories would ignore deleted or wrongly-set templates
  6. Auto-merge setting in categories would not work
  7. Categories would confuse topic and task templates
  8. Back-up file naming would not sort by date
  9. ComboBoxes would occasionally fail to enforce a new selection (e.g. tasks, categories, templates, etc.)
  10. Wrong R-Factor ceiling would flatten the first interval curve
  11. Changing multiple-choice setting of components would not update feedback coloring
  12. Interrupted Find All in the browser would cause memory allocation errors
  13. Font set for the classic template would be lost upon leaving the element
  1. Predefined templates created in each new collection: Standard, Classic, Picture, Sound, Spelling, Pronunciation, Multiple Choice Test, Reading, Occlusion, Pronunciation and Task. To add new templates to an existing collection choose Tools : Add predefined templates in the template registry
  2. Multi-select delete in file browser makes it possible to delete whole collections
  3. Customizable quick-backup directory
  4. Replace template replaces two steps: Apply template and Impose template
Beta E
  1. Transfer branch and other similar options were disabled by an error in file dialog setup
  2. Importing HTML files would ask if the template change should be local or global
  3. Delimiter filters would fail on delimited extracts larger than 255 bytes
  4. Q&A import would not accept HTML components as valid Q&A template components
  5. Toolbars would occasionally obscure the registry windows that would make it difficult to use the registries
  6. Empty templates would indefinitely obscure the source data
  7. Large file warning in HTML import would only detect large HTML code and would not detect large object files
  8. Import : Q&A text would result in component flicker that would greatly slow down the import procedure 
  9. Incompatible import template could abort the import of multiple choice test text files
  10. Closing the browser would restore the default layout instead of the last used layout
  11. Recovery would not move folders associated with object files
  12. Alt+B would not work in Contents when the Synchronize button was down
  13. Repeated import of the same HTML file would orphan HTML directories in the \elements\ folder
  14. Template operations would occasionally result in "Cannot dispose component #No"
  15. Paste template would affect learning data of an element and result in multiple errors
  16. Import : From SuperMemo 7 would asynchronously execute the import filter which could result in the import procedure being unable to locate the import file
  17. Template processing flags would not be cleared on deleting the last template component
  18. Registry windows would not cascade correctly
  19. Adding a new tasklist would fail if the new name was case-insensitively the same as that of an existing tasklist 
  20. Recovery would report a wrong size of temporary files
  21. Category Hook verification would hang up on deleted hooks (e.g. at Arrange folders)
  1. Paste creates a new component if the clipboard format data does not match the current component type (only for Image and Rich Text components)
  2. Multiple choice test import is now the default Q&A import while the old Q&A import procedure has been relegated exclusively for importing files from earlier versions of SuperMemo
Beta F
  1. Topic repetitions would occasionally not be executed with Esc upon editing article text
  2. File browser would occlude *.mpg file in video import
  3. *.mpeg files would be stored with the extension *.mpe
  4. Video would not play in video registry
  5. Message and error dialogs would not respect Narrow caption setting
  6. Changing tasklist at Task Extract would not unregister the task with the current tasklist
  7. Changing reading list at adding new reading list position (Ctrl+Alt+R) would not register the tasklist
  8. Changing element type to Task would only make it possible to add the task to the current tasklist
  9. Tasklist recovery report would not include the recovered tasklist path
  10. Changing the destination tasklist at Add new task would leave the task element empty
  11. Changing value or time setting at changing the type to task would not be respected
  12. Multiple choice test would not generate grades
  13. Format toolbar would be named Edit after docking
  14. Apply template would occasionally confuse source data with the destination data if component type numbering
    and assign properties between components of different type
  15. Applying scaled template to an unscaled element would not rescale unmatched components
  16. Q&A import would fail to process End-of-line characters
  17. Add URL would not create a new HTML file
  18. Esc at collecting items in View : Outstanding might occasionally cause General Protection Fault errors
  19. Wrong element data would be displayed on start if synchronize element in contents was on
  20. A newly created collection would occasionally display Fatal error due to Burden rounding errors
  21. Setting Border would not be saved on leaving an element
  22. File browser would not respect narrow caption setting
Beta G
  1. Cloze deletion would occasionally not differ from the parent element due to wrong template flag setting
  2. Moving template components would have no effect on coming back to the same element
  3. Cloze deletion would affect parent template
  4. Clear read-point would disable some element shortcuts
  5. Setting AllowActiveDoc:=true would produce multiple stability problems with the OLE component
  6. OLE objects would not transfer to other collections
  7. File dialog would display Error in the caption if the file type was set to collection 
  8. Template : Load from file would not work
  9. Duplicate would add root of rearranged folders to history list on children overflow
  10. Reset collection would not reset repetition count and average repetition time
  11. Count burden would fail on collections with no memorized elements
  12. All content operations would rebuild the contents tree at the cost of performance
  13. Q&A import would not immediately update the element titles in the currently opened branch
  14. Template registry would allow illegal operations on component pop-up menu
  15. Home/End in an empty browser would display an error
  16. SuperMemo would not be able to select new hook and root of a category if both had been deleted at the same time
  17. Q&A import dialog box would hide behind the element window at choosing the import template
  18. Docking toolbar could not be sized resulting in multiple toolbar alignment problems
  19. Browser sorting could be irresponsive if mouse moved slightly on a column click
  20. Newly pasted image components would not adjust their size to the size of the picture
  21. Pasting RTF texts would beep in case there was no rich text component available in the element
  22. Ctrl+C would be used for paste instead of Ctrl+V
  23. Copy on empty images would result in an error
  24. Session data would fail after the year 2013
  25. Import Q&A would not retain template objects (e.g. pictures)
  26. Warning! Primary storage file: <file 1> occludes secondary storage file <file 2> could be forced by a change of the case of the path string
  27. Trailing spaces would fool Selection Length in cloze and extract options causing loss of data (e.g. resulting in empty RTF components)
  28. Impose template would only work if the element was modified at the same time
  29. Repair collection would not work if Verify filespace was checked and Verify registries was unchecked
  30. Text registry would often use a non-existent font on texts with no font assignment
  31. Element number greater than a size of a collection would block painting operations in the browser due to infinite update loop
  32. Browser sorting would treat all ordinals above 10,000 as equal
None (temporarily, several bug traps have been introduced, please report all unusual warnings and messages)
Gamma H
  1. Remaining bug traps have been moved to the debugging mode
  2. Repetitions graph would produce GPF errors
  3. Valid A-Factor=1.01 in topics would be detected as an error
  4. Default color would not propagate between components and elements
  5. Save repetitions in the browser would not refresh the browser (this procedure can change intervals if the day-span is beyond 1 day)
  6. Inadequate modify flag would occasionally result in loss of texts in template operations
Gamma I
  1. Changing tasklists at Add Task would empty the text of the last task in the current tasklist
  2. Last day in file-browser collection preview was meaningless
  3. Enter/Space would delete the text selected as a read-point
  4. Save repetitions would reschedule repetitions starting with the last day of repetitions instead of on the current day only
  5. Extract selection would hang up SuperMemo on bottom-most selections in longer texts
  6. Cloze deletion would not restore the current element's branch if the synchronization button was off
  7. Leech options would link to a wrong help page
Gamma J
  1. Editing template flags in template registry would result in reloading wrong template data
  2. Add template would mistakenly add source data to source data
  3. Repair collection would not remove deleted templates applied to elements
  4. Object registration at Apply template would be ambiguous with potential loss of data. All registration procedures have been moved to the moment of saving all element data
  5. Replace with template would confuse source and template data
  6. Link : Font would be ignored in elements with templates if the text had not changed
Gamma K
  1. Read-points are one-character long by default to prevent accidental deleting with Enter or Space
  2. Ctrl+N could produce empty element with wrong template flag settings
  3. _files directory would not be deleted when deleting html files
  4. Sound recorder was compiled with wrong MMSystem library (would not record)
  5. Point&Click would not execute from invisible script components
Gamma L
  1. Cloze and Extract would unnecessarily disrupt the repetition cycle
  2. Cloze and Extract could mistakenly trigger Final Drill
  3. Space on selection in rich and plain text component editors would not work
  4. Dismiss/Commit/Reset buttons in Contents would attempt reusing the last browser subset if available (this could result in serious errors)
  5. Link registry member on an element with a global template would be lost if no other changes were made to the element
  6. Alt+F10 would not work in registry windows
  7. Wrong read-point scroll-back on Extract
  8. Ctrl+Alt+N would not respect category topic template and would use the in-built reading template
  9. Branch rescheduling would ask for confirmation of removal of all individual tasks
  10. Importing very large HTML files could result in Range check error
  11. Ignore and Extract would occasionally fail to move the read-point
  12. Collections created with Build 8.3 or earlier could not be opened via file browser
  13. A-Factor would not be modified on HTML file import
  14. CanCreateFile test would always return true which could result in errors at File : New
Build 10.07, March 2001
  1. Missing space between ] and [ would result in errors in the DragMatch command
  2. Tools : Plan : Terminate would wrongly compute the total schedule length
  3. Topics would often enter the final drill
  4. Pasted images would be difficult to grasp with the mouse
  5. Pasted images would not detach template
  6. Alt+PgDn shortcut would not work
  7. Detach template would not save the most recent changes to template source
  8. Deleting the rich text component from the reading template would result in errors on pasting reading elements
  9. Searching texts of the length 500,000 characters would hang up the search once in 500,000 cases (yet one case was actually documented)
  10. File : Tools : Rename collection could be aborted by the user with unpredictable consequences
  11. Status bar would not respect interface font setting
Build 10.08 (W2K), May 2001
  1. "Range check error" would be displayed on locked collections instead of "File locked"
  2. AND-Search would override the browser layout
  3. Read points would make components visible independent of their display status
  4. SuperMemo would restore folders of orphaned kno files without a warning
  5. Prohibited access in template registry would show on upgrading some collections from SuperMemo 98
  6. Creating collections via command line parameter would result in text registry zero size errors
  7. Forgetting index and Ordinal settings in View : Category would be ignored
Enhancements for users of Windows 2000:
  1. View Source for editing HTM, Scripts and RTF in a notepad
  2. Filtering RTF: removing bullets, tabs, proliferating dots, tables, JavaScript, hyperlinks, executables, etc.
  3. Double refresh on applying layouts due to different painting algorithm in Windows 2000
  4. Different method for detecting RTF text length to prevent misaligned extracts in Windows 2000 
Build 10.09, Sep 28, 2001
  1. Errors in the learning process imported from SuperMemo 7
  2. Converting topics to items within the repetition cycle would result in learning process errors
  3. Wrong template registration at Replace template could result in lost objects (e.g. texts saved with Template : Save with objects)
  1. Code optimized for reducing the size of the program and increasing its speed
Build 10.10, Feb 6, 2002
  1. Regroup in folders could delete non-folder elements
  2. Problems with OLE with Scaled on
  3. Incomplete Trim Shortcuts
  4. Wrong average forgetting index statistic
Build 10.11, Apr 19, 2002
  1. Hiding combo box selections on the Tools toolbar could result in an error on exiting SuperMemo