Advanced English SuperMemo Collection

release 3.1 Audio, May, 1997
(C) Copyright 1991-1997 SuperMemo World


It is our great pleasure to see the Audio version of Advanced English SuperMemo collection become available to all learners of English who would like to speed up their learning process by means of SuperMemo. SuperMemo is a speed-learning technique proprietary to SuperMemo World. It allows you to greatly increase the rate of learning while maintaining high retention of knowledge (up to 99%). Until now, by far the most popular application of SuperMemo appears to be learning English vocabulary. The leadership of English in applications of SuperMemo comes from two reasons:

  • Learning vocabulary is particularly suited for SuperMemo because of its natural quantization into small easily distinguishable pieces of knowledge, which naturally comply with the minimum information principle central to SuperMemo
  • English has become an internationally acknowledged means of global communication; the fact expressed by figures such as (data compiled from various sources referring to the years 1992-1997):
    1. English has assumed the lead over Chinese in the number of speakers world-wide
    2. 60% of world's scientific and technical journals are published in English
    3. 80% of world's mail is written in English
    4. 59 countries use English as their official or co-official language
    5. 85% of language students world-wide choose English as their second language, etc.
    6. 90% of resources on World Wide Web are available in English

The linguistic knowledge covered in the Advanced English collection, comprising about 40,000 items, is comparable with that of a highly educated native speaker. SuperMemo makes it possible to master this material in as short a period of time as one year. However, because of the fact of strict monolinguality, rudimentary knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar are necessary to start working with the Advanced English collection. Collections such as Basic English and English Grammar available from SuperMemo World may appear to be sufficient an introduction to Advanced English. The Audio release of Advanced English Audio includes 34,000 sound records with native American pronunciation, and may be an excellent extension to the text-only release, esp. for those, who want to master spoken language. In addition to the Advanced English collection, the CD-ROM release includes Lexicon (34,000 words), Audio Lexicon (23,000 phrases) and Phonetic Lexicon (70,000 words and their transcription).
We are aware of the shortcomings of the present release of Advanced English. We would, therefore, like to kindly invite all users to actively participate in the development of new, improved versions. All remarks and propositions will receive most serious consideration.

Please send your remarks to:

Advanced English Team: SuperMemoMail

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